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Read my fics. Comment on them, tell me if you like them or if I can improve something. If someone could make pages for them on tvtropes that would be great. Enjoy.

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New Idea For The Future · 10:19pm Apr 1st, 2018

Here's a new idea I came up with recently:

When no one, not even her own friends, believes she’s innocent, Sunset Shimmer gives up hope and transfers to Canterlot High’s rival, Crystal Prep. Sunset becomes a shell of her former self: unhappy, emotionless, uncaring, pessimistic, and unsociable. She becomes a member of the Shadowbolts and a co-assistant to Crystal Prep’s student council president, Jewelius. In a cruel twist of irony, shortly after she transferred, the true identity of Anon-a-Miss is revealed and everyone at CHS, especially her former friends, feel terrible remorse for their foolishness. When the Friendship Games come about, everyone finds out where Sunset has been all this time. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem interested in making amends with her ‘friends’.

Sound interesting at all? Let me know in the comments.

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Comments ( 9 )

Please, for the love of god, don't make Sunny forgive them! let them all wallow in their guilt, shame, remorse and pity!

Also, this has piqued my curiosity, love to see it!

Oh my gosh that is a lovely idea. :D

Would Jewelius be cinch's son?

No. But I thought that he and Cinch would appear to be on good terms, but she's actually his puppet. Her high and mighty attitude prevents her from realizing she's being used. Jewelius uses her pride in her reputation to manipulate her into doing whatever he wants.


Is he a teenager?

I always saw the Equestria Girls as in their late teens. Jewelius is a little older than all of them. I'd say he's about 20.


He better not have sex with Luna ( The human version not the pony version )

Isn't Luna his aunt? :rainbowderp:


D'oh! Let me rephrase that. He better not go all Lex Luther on anyone.

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