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My Opinion on Gun Violence · 9:07pm Mar 25th, 2018

Gun violence.

We hear about it everywhere. Stoneman Douglas High school. You've heard of it, yes? 17 people dead, because a fellow student by the name of Nick Cruz was sick of being ignored. He suffered from traumatic stress during his adolescent years, due to his parents death, and so much more.

I'm not defending what Cruz did. It's absolutely horrible what he did.

I'm not sure about everyone else, though, but I'm not hearing Cruz, the shooter that was convicted in a court of law of brutally killing 17 people, being blamed for the "inhuman acts" he committed on most news coverage. In fact, I've only heard him mentioned as "the gunman", or even "the man". Those news articles barely talk about his issues, and how he represents a much broader spectrum of healthcare issues in our country.


The media, six traumatized kids, and everyone else who unfortunately do not question the media's logic, blame the GUN Cruz was carrying.


I'm sorry, what?

You mean to tell me that if Cruz didn't have a gun, he wouldn't have committed the crime?

Well what if he used a knife? Plenty of crimes are committed using knives! You know why? It's easier to use, and easier get one.

"Oh, that's exactly the issue with guns!!" Some may cry. But let me tell you something you may or may not have considered.

Murder is illegal, right? Yet people still kill, like what Cruz did. The law didn't stop them. The law didn't stop a group of terrorists from killing 3,000 people in New York City by hijacking airliners and crashing them into buildings. Now I'm going to go to an older time, a time before many of us were even conceived. It still holds relevance.

Once Hitler won the election, and quickly declared himself "Dictator of Nazi Germany" around 1930, his country had been stuck under the laws the European powers had instated over him. Yet Germany built up its military, when the law stated that Germany shall not build its military in any capacity. The law did not stop Germany from sliding the world right into WWII, and killing an estimated 80 million people.

With guns that were banned by people with guns.

With guns that were supposedly taken away by people with guns.

Back to knives, it's so easy to hide them, that even if we passed legislation to get rid of knives altogether, who's going to enforce that law? Are we going to train dogs to sniff out knives?

The same is happening right now with drugs. I know too many kids at my school who do drugs illegally, or do illegal drugs. Does the law stop them? Only if they're caught.

Mexico made marijuana and meth use illegal, and yet we have drug cartels running Mexico's government.

The banning of alcohol in the 1920s-1930s led to some great movies by Francis Ford Cupola, but it mainly led to the mafia owning much of America, by selling alcohol to the people that wanted it the most; the public. The mafia to this day, and for the rest of time, still own parts of America.

The law didn't stop them.

The law encouraged them. In fact, most of the "inhumane" crimes plastered across headlines all over the world are so human, we refuse to even acknowledge that there's a part of us that wants to commit those crimes, until all we see as the last resort are those crimes.

What Cruz did was incredibly human, because our nature is imperfection. Especially if we face our personal problems on our own.


This is a part from the rifleman's creed:

Without my rifle, I am nothing.
Without me, my rifle is nothing.

Guns, like almost all man made machinations, are tools. Things we use to make our lives easier. In the case of guns, their purpose is to protect us from those who would wish harm upon us. A gun doesn't decide what it shoots at, it's the man behind the trigger.

Another analogy is drunk driving. We all know why it's an issue; people drink while they drive, they make poor decisions, and get others hurt because of it. In that instance, we know what has failed; the driver. We don't blame the car for killing three children after t-boning the minivan they were in, we blame the driver because he was the one controlling the vehicle.

So why does no one apply this logic to guns? Shouldn't we logically be more worried about cars, as they statistically kill more people than guns? Please enlighten me as to why mass shootings aren't the same as airplane crashes in terms of media exaggeration?

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Preach brother, so many people miss a basic fact, whether you're Christian or not, you realize that a lot of humans are sinful by nature. Not all, there are always shining examples that break the mold, but overall? Unfortunately, no.

So many think there's a simple solution to this whole issue, strict gun bans, except they ignore the causes of some of these killers, psychosis, their family situation even the bubbling volatile political situation our country finds itself in.

We need to cut out the roots and then prune the leaves.

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