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The Mixed View Universe · 8:41pm Mar 25th, 2018

Welp,this is it. I don't think anyone would have seen this au coming, This is The Mixed View Universe where things are really different from the norm, bios below...

Dizzy Twister( Kindness): A kindhearted Stallion who usually keeps to himself and has his own little store that sells party supplies, most of what he does doesn't really make much sense as he is very unpredictable despite his shy nature, his cutie mark is a tornado.

Valiant Rhythm( Magic): a young music loving unicorn who was once the student of Prince Luminous Pureheart, his cutie mark is a musical note surrounded by three stars, he is Captain Heatjoy Cadence's little brother, he currently runs a book/music store.

Macintosh Apple (Honesty): an honest hard working earth pony who don' take nothin' from no one, he is Applejune's younger Brother, his cutie mark is three green apples.

Soarin Sky ( Loyalty): a show off that loves playing pranks and doing stunts, his biggest dream is to one day join the Wonderbolts, despite his flaws he is a very loyal friend.

Fancy Pants( Generosity): a kind hearted stallion who's generosity is known far and wide, he run a boutique in Ponyville and is often seen hanging out with his friends.

Cheese Sandwich( Laughter): a nearly unpredictable stallion who loves throwing parties but is easily tricked, his cutie mark is literally a cheese sandwich.

Scales the Dragon: a little female dragon that dislikes being called cute, she is Valiant Rhythm's assistant.

Nova: one of the many new students of Valiant Rhythm's Friendship school, he seems to be a rough character but actually has a kind heart, he doesn't let that part of himself show that often...

Prince Luminous Spark: One of the two brothers who rule Equestra, he controls the Sun. He once mentored Valiant Rhythm.

Prince Blueblood(mixed view universe): One of the two brothers who rule Equestra, he controls the moon. He still feels guilty for the horrid things he's done as the Nightmare pony Bloodmoon.

Dj T.Sparx: a Dj who's known for her awesome beats and love for wubstep muisc, she and Valiant Rhythm are good friends.

Rainbow Dash( mixed view universe): One if not the best out of all of the Wonderbolts. She apparently loves pie.

Radiance Belle: A incredibly rich and generous mare who doesn't mind if the more "simple" ponies came over to visit her.

Pinkie Pie(mixed view universe): The only pony who can rival Cheese Sandwich when it comes to both randomness and throwing parties. She is often seen with a toy gator that she calls Gummy.

Applejune: a quiet pony who doesn't say much but still gets the job done, she is the older sister of Macintosh Apple.

Queen Anarchy: The self proclaimed "Queen of Chaos and Disharmony", she is very cunning and is a devious trickster, her reign of Chaos lasted twice as long as Discord's because she is somehow resistant to the effects of the Elements of Harmony, So she was banished instead. A statue of her (that she made) sits in Canterlot Castle's garden.

Captain Heartjoy Cadence :The Captain of the Royal Guard and the older sister of Valiant Rhythm, despite her intimidating title she is quite the softie.

Queen Celestia(mixed view universe ): A horrid mare who once ruled the sapphire empire with an iron hoof, she was defeated by Prince Luminous Spark and his brother.

Prince Armour: The kind hearted current ruler of the Sapphire empire, he is the Prince of Love, he was rumored to have foalsat Valiant Rhythm when he was younger.

Ember Violetscale: The personal assistant of Prince Luminous Spark, she is very loyal to him and will do everything in her power to keep him and his ponies safe.

Dragon Lord Bluescale Purewing: A Dragon who's toughness is known all over the Dragon Lands, he is not someone to mess with.

"Princess" Luna (Mixed View Universe): A snobby unicorn who cares only about herself, it's unknown why or how she's even related to Luminous Spark. She often claims the she's his niece.

King Metamorphos ( Mixed View Universe): a Changeling King who has many different pastimes like stealing love from mares, kiddnapping ponies and treting his minons like crap, his only pride and joy are his two twin daughters whom he himself raised.

Princess Cepha: a Changeling after her father's heart(if he had one that is), she is cruel and enjoys bullying her younger twin, deep down though she cares a lot about her.

Princess Cephala: a young Changeling who dislikes her kinds way of life and how horrid her King is to his subjects, she wants things to change but she won't be able to change things alone, she is often bullied by the other Changelings.

If any of these seem familiar that's because some of these are based off of the Alternate Gender Counterpart universe or AGC for short, the rest are my own.

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Fun fact: Anarchy has probably the most messed up mind in all the land.

Fun fact 2: Dj T.Sparx's real name is not Twilight Sparkle. It is actually Twisha Sparks

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