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Dawn Darkness

I am a science fiction and fantasy author who is practicing with the world of My Little Pony. Also there is an original science fantasy trilogy that is in the works.

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  • Today
    Chapters Posted (Dawn Before Twilight)

    I forgot to update you all yesterday, so I decided to make a blog today. The major episode change of Dawn Before Twilight is now up, titled, Cloudsdale. I hope you'll enjoy this episode change and its current parts. The third part and the epilogue is next to write.

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  • Monday
    "Dragonshy" Epilogue Posted (Dawn Before Twilight)

    The epilogue to the episode retelling, Dragonshy is now up. This was a fun, anticipated episode I wanted to write for a while. And I managed to write almost 7.000 words (with a little assistance from the co-author, Edward Sapphire, at the beginning of the chapter).

    I hope you enjoyed the chapter retelling of the episode, readers! Let me know your thoughts on the chapter itself.

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  • Monday
    Chapter Posted (Dawn Before Twilight)

    The fourth and last part of Dragonshy is now up! There will be an epilogue chapter as the finale of the episode retelling.

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  • Sunday
    Chapter Posted! (Dawn Before Twilight)

    Part 3 of 4 for the chapter Dragonshy is now posted, everypony! Check it out if you haven't yet!

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  • Sunday
    Chapter Posted! (Dawn Before Twilight)

    Part 2 of 3 for the episode Dragonshy is now posted. Let's hear your thoughts on it so far, readers!

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New Project Coming Up! · 6:59pm Mar 25th, 2018

I’ll make an hour long special to dedicate the animations that had been put on the internet for the past years. My own will be possibly one of the longest works yet, since I’ll take a few months hiatus from writing when my version of EQG I has been published.

The animation will be about a battle between the Kaiju and Jaegers from Pacific Rim and Gojira (Godzilla). Only the latter will be from the same franchise. The Kaijus are from Pacific Rim, not from Godzilla. At least five or six Kaijus will appear in the fanfilm project, no more Kaijus from Pacific Rim.

I can give you the link to the video when it’s uploaded. Would that be okay?

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