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The top 10 reasons why you should take all my opinions with a grain of salt · 2:42pm Mar 25th, 2018

Warning: Incoming cringe and/or spaghetti.

Brace yourselves...

10. I find the sentance mixing in YTPs to be disproportionately hilarious, and I've seen some dozens of times despite them not really having "jokes" to begin with.

9. I pour over TVTropes articles in (some) of my spare time, and am thus conscious as to whether or not tropes apply to anything i write while I'm in the process of writing them, which means that every writing session is a neurotic exercise in worrying about whether I'm too closely adhering to/too obviously rejecting typical stereotypes and/or writing techniques.

8. I complain loudly and at length about the problems inherent in Civ 6. This is given that I've put close to 700 hours into the game* and don't intend to stop playing it any time soon, and that I still continue to kvetch about it while finding myself utterly absorbed by it.

7. I'm a proponent of Tabletop RPGs having less complicated rules in general, despite spending hundreds of hours creating characters in tabletop games with highly complicated rules solely because i find complicated character generation to be very soothing.

6. I simultaneously laud Katy Perry for taking her music in a more electronic direction (club house) and criticize Taylor Swift for taking her music in a more electronic direction (highly distorted and/or derivative audible shit), despite having praised Taylor Swift's dips into electronic music during her previous two albums (Red and 1989).

5. I find Changedlings to be cute in general, and Thorax and Ocellus to be absolutely adorable.

4. I've been avidly listening to Skrillex for eight years, and can debate the pros and cons of everything from his My Name is Skrillex EP to the studio album Recess.

3. I'm prone to 180ing my opinion (from dislike to like) on things if i find out that i'm both enjoying them and can rationalize why I like them. Similarly...

2. I feel the need to justify all of my complaints with long-winded, dithering and essay-length explanations of why i don't like something, under the (likely true) belief that failing to justify my dislike of anything in particular means that my dislike of it is invalid, and I'm a nasty and spiteful piece of shit for failing to appreciate something without offering a concrete and logical reason as to why i don't like it.

1. Fluttercord, Twilestia and Quibbledash OTP, haters gonna hate.

This has been a friendly public service announcement. Cheers.

*Probably less hours into actually playing the game; i tend to leave the program running while i'm making dinner or am otherwise away from the keyboard, for example. Even so, it's a lot of hours.

Comments ( 4 )

Fluttercord is an okay OTP.
Twilestia is not. Twiset or bust
Quibble is in bereavement. I don't ship him with anypony.

Quibble inherently has a .005% chance of getting the V throughout his entire lifetime. I figured that subverting that expectation would not only be amusing, but would allow for plenty more moments involving his nice ass.

Also, Lesbian Dash and Soarindash are a bit overdone for my tastes these days.

I only say it because Oswald's wife passed, although apparently he remarried recently.

Also the OTP is PinkDash. It's even canon.

Author Interviewer

1. Fluttercord, Twilestia and Quibbledash OTP, haters gonna hate.

I see why this is number one. :V I mean, the rest of that I could forgive, but this...

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