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Season Eight Episode Reviews: School Daze · 8:13pm March 24th

There comes a point where nostalgia must give way to reality. Sometimes things last far longer than they should have, and the longer they try to drag out their lifespan, the more you realize how flawed and, perhaps, bad they were to begin with. And when they finally come to an end, you're left feeling empty, as if you have wasted years of your life on something that amounted to little more than disappointment. At least you can watch it die, letting you walk away with the knowledge that you are free.

But enough about Dragon Ball Super. Let's talk about the Season 8 premier of FiM. This is “School Daze.”


Season: 8

Episodes: 1 + 2

Written By: Mike Vogel and Nicole Dubuc

First Aired: March 24, 2018


Once again, the Map is up to shenanigans, expanding itself somehow while the Mane 6 were dealing with that annoying monkey guy and middling box office returns. Now that the Map stretches beyond their means, Twilight decides to reverse their usual operations and open a school, thereby bringing their future friendship subjects to them. Unfortunately, all schools in Equestria are run by the EEA, a shadowy board determined to keep things by the book. Can the School of Friendship find success against outdated teaching techniques, disinterested students, unprepared teachers, and old-fashioned racism?


Ever since it was confirmed that Season Eight would be based around setting up a School of Friendship, I had exactly one thought: “This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.” Let's put aside for the minute that apparently not a single other species in Equestria has any concept of “friendship,” making it the Pony Mare's Burden to educate those poor lesser races on how to hug and eat cupcakes. Twilight is drafting her friends, all of whom have other jobs and no history in education, to become teachers? Rarity is running an entire chain of clothing stores, Rainbow Dash is a Wonderbolt, and Applejack runs a farm. Fluttershy has that animal sanctuary now, and even then, I don't think she's up for taking control of an entire classroom of rowdy students. So yes, this seemed incredibly stupid.

On top of that, we have six new characters to deal with. Six. That's a lot of new characters to introduce at once, especially when you've already got a good-sized main cast. And all of this came with the unmistakable odor of “toy sales.” At least no one had to lose their home/life to sate Hasbro's bloodlust this time.

So when the episode finally aired, I walked away thinking it was...okay. Not fantastic or spectacular, but definitely better than it should have been with its premise. Yes, Twilight making her friends teachers was stupid, but the episode at least acknowledges her faults here, while also showing how successful they could be when not being forced to adhere to the guidelines. And the new six characters are...also perfectly okay. They're pretty close to established characters personality-wise, but they are still enjoyable enough that I'm looking forward to seeing them more.

The EEA (no EA jokes, they've already been done to death) is pretty much your standard government bureaucracy at first. Everything has to be done to the letter for the sake of doing everything to the letter, even when it negatively impacts productivity and student engagement. Take a look at any standardized educational guidelines in any public school system, and you can see the same thing in action. Where Chancellor Neighsay goes even further is in being a full-fledged racist. I saw that coming from the first time I read the synopsis, but the moment he reveals his messed-up way of thinking still hits hard with how brutal it is. In one fell stroke, this shadowy government stooge nearly breaks down Equestria's diplomatic relationships, leading to the world on the brink of a world war. And he nearly does it again at the end. IN FRONT OF CELESTIA. That is dedication to your bigotry.

So of course, he gets away in the end, plotting his revenge for the season finale. Thankfully, after the Changeling Invasion of Season Six, Pinkie Pie has fitted the castle for just such an occasion.

Twilight ain't gonna be some damsel in distress like Celestia and Luna.

I didn't like either of the songs. That's all I will say about them.


Sorry if the review seems really brief and insubstantial. There's just not much to discuss so far. The episode is fine, but that's about it. Most of the episode is just about setting up for episodes down the line, where we'll spend more time with the new students and exploring the Mane 6 as teachers. Even the villain's role is an obvious setup for another episode down the road, even if it may or may not be the exact season finale.

That said, considering how the premise could have fallen flat on its face, the fact that the episode left me open enough to give it a chance is a victory in and of itself. The whole “School of Friendship” is still a cheesy idea, but I'm willing to give it a chance to become something more.

Next week, Pinkie Pie finds herself becoming the third wheel with Maud once again.

But seriously, fuck Dragon Ball Super.

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Comments ( 7 )

Technically, Neighsay is a specist. But I get your point.

Call me an optimist, but I actually enjoyed the premiere. Not the best, but I can't agree with your cynicism.

So did anyone else picture Neighsay as a robot with a large-skulled white mouse inside his head and directing him?

I felt really disappointed when I saw the show itself confirm this was taking place immediately after the movie. Having the film take place between season 5 and 6 would have explained away why there was no Pillars of Equestria, the allied kingdoms, Starlight, or other capable ponies. (SIGH)


(SIGH)... Still, what IS nice is that apparently those events are shown to be the immediate cause of the new setting and story. I don't think we've ever seen the events of a season finale alter or inspire the actions of the character like the movie has before now. Even when Twilight got her wings or her castle, none of that was actually according to her own design. Princess-hood and the magic map changed things, but they were really just gifted to Twilight.

Until I read this post, I didn't consciously realize how many characters this entire thing was balancing! We have the Mane 7, Spike*, Celestia, the EEA being introduced, six students, and representatives from 5 other nations all fitting in here. I don't think the show has ever pulled off this much of an ensemble.

This might sound like a weird compliment, but I want to give the show credit for writing a bigot. The Chancellor doesn't just go into a spitting rage and attack people. He's always perpetuating his own people and culture as the ones under attack, and all his decisions are driven by 'care' and fear. He makes his detractors sound like they're the stupid or uncaring ones.

This is a small detail, but I'm REALLY loving the new term "every-creature." It's a logical step for including the non-pony characters, but it still feels like something straight from a fantasy setting. I'm wondering if we're going to hear it at the cons now.

HOLY Cuh-RAP, I knew he sounded familiar, but I never made the connection!

*Or is it the Mane 7 and Starlight, since she came later? I don't know what we call the 'core' group.


Only if I also get to picture him going home and drowning his sorrows in Rosebud Frozen Peas and Mrs. Pell's Fish Sticks.

I saw the season 8 premier. It's ok. It kind of had a Tiny toons vibe to it. I actually kind of liked the new students. Yona the Yak and Ocellus were really adorable. I'm more interested in the upcoming episodes more(specifically when Celestia channels her inner Tommy Wiseau). Still it was ok for what it is.

And yeah Dragon Ball Super was awful.

I take umbrige with this Dragonball Super slander and I demand a duel of fisticuffs!

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