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Writing for fun. Mainly focusing on Sunset Shimmer and Equastria Girls related content

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  • 220 weeks
    Story update

    I've just finished uploading the last chapter of The diary of Starswirl The Bearded. Hope you enjoyed this little story. I am sorry it took so long. I will do my best with our newest one. If you would like me to write anything specific, just let me know.
    As always yours

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  • 221 weeks
    Happy new Year!

    Hi, everypony!
    Since tonight is New Year's Eve, I thought that we could celebrate with a little story. Just to have fun. It does include sunlight shipping, even if just a little. So for those of you who are into these things, let me know what you think about it and if you'd like to see this plot developing.

    I wish you all a happy and joyful new year.

    As always, yours

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  • 222 weeks
    Happy Heart's Warming Eve!

    Hey everypony!

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  • 231 weeks
    Next story chapter-update

    Hi guys,

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  • 237 weeks
    Don't miss on our newest story!

    Hey everypony!
    Just writing to let you now that we have a brand new story to read, so make sure let me know your opinions and suggestions of what you would like to see in the next chapters.

    As promised this will be a longer project and, if it turns out to be successful in the end, it will be developed in a nice little anthology.

    I wish you all a happy Sunday!:twilightsmile:

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Starlight Day Special · 8:52pm Mar 23rd, 2018

Hello everypony,

just wanted to remind you that today is Starlight Day, a big chance for all of us to give one of our dearest ones a huge: "Thank you!", so let's make her hear how much we all love her by all our means.

Be sure to look for Starlight related stories on our favourite website or by posting some cool stuff in the section comments below!

Also, don't miss tomorrow's newest episodes and Pony Heart chapter 10 coming on Sunday

"A warm hug to Starlight, one of the most special friends to my heart!"

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