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I Winked Yesterday, and Your Mother Can't Stop Thinking About Me · 10:13pm Mar 21st, 2018

So here's a bit of a backstory:

You hear that? That's the sound of your nipples getting hard at the mere thought of what lies underneath the line break. You have probably never wondered how Aragón poetry sounds like -- but, guess what, darling?

You might find out anyway.

(And for the seven of you who can't read my poetry under risk of getting pregnant, some extras).

Comments ( 22 )

Mono replied with "yes".

Just, "yes".

Majin Syeekoh

Why are we talking about your mom again?

That was a really fun evening in the Discord chat. I actually learned quite a bit about how to use poetry to improve my prose writing, so I sincerely thank all of you for that.

There really isn't anything to add to such an obviously true statement, really.

Regarding the tv. Do you have a smart tv or by some chance one of rhe older, non-smart tvs?


"Oof," I said, wincing at Aragon's devastating poetry roast on Discord. "Well, at least it won't be seen by 2,109 people."

"Hi!" someone said
From the crowd of 2109 people

Does Rarity with a pistol count?

‘Cause I could hook y’all up if it does.

You don't get points for the prince poem. You just recontextualized a bit of Hear the Baby Laughing.

Aside from that, most enjoyably sassy. Also, is unplugging your TV when you're not using it an option?

Some of these are seriously really nice.

It's weird how the brain re-contextualises stuff that you've heard/read and rejiggers it.

Once when I was a kid, like 20 years ago or more I had a vampire hunter on an rp forum with the exact same name as a certain Russian president-elect-for-life.
Clearly stupid/young me had heard it on the news in the background somewhere and it nestled in my brain like a pregnant spider.


I was very little when I got into Harry Potter. I was making up spell names with my cousin for various things, which followed that faux Latin cadance.

The syllables I happened to choose for a "run really fast" spell was leukaemia. Which we cast on ourselves repeatedly, yelling at the top of our lungs.

You have my sympathy and understanding.

Is this an open discord server?

You, live an interesting life.

If you would be thought wise,
words gain weight
in broken lines
like this.

Seriously, though, I like some of these a lot. I didn't know Aragon was such a sage.



And it isn't a matter of subconscious rearranging, for all that's worth; that jamming session was the first time I ever tried to write poetry, and halfway through I noticed most of my favorite quotes (in my own work, that is) could EASILY work as a poem.

The one about the king is one of the most obvious examples. Another one, possibly the one I like the most, was:

Here's the thing about pride:
It tells you the fall was worth it.

Turns out, my style of writing -- I work in quotes and "fool-like wisdom", to take something from
4822513 's post -- lends itself to free verse with ease. I had a lot of fun! And it was easy once I got the hang of it. I'm of course nowhere near Numbers or Pear, but hey, it's about learning, isn't it?

I know how death sounds,
hear me out:
It's the four seconds of silence
between the "will you marry me"
and the "no".

See? Case in point. I'm such a hack, I love it.

Yeah, Fimfic's discord chat. As open and inviting as can be. Sorta like your mom's crotch, but not as damp.

That's the sound of your nipples getting hard at the mere thought of what lies underneath the line break.

Oh lordy, what am I in for this time?

And for the seven of you who can't read my poetry under risk of getting pregnant, some extras

I'm male. >V

Now hold my bear whilst I take this pregnancy test.


I'm actually a little jealous of your poetic abilities.

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