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"I am a singer, a poet, a musician, a storyteller. I am a bard at heart. That is who I am. That is what I shall always be." (Icon by atokota on FurAffinity))

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Watch Out · 5:40am Mar 21st, 2018

Hey, all,

This is just a heads up. There is a user on DeviantArt that has many usernames, but just about all of them — if not all of them — have Sepulchre, GinaCarpini, or some sort of funerary term in them. They have a reputation of spamming people with extremely foul comments and impersonating accounts. They showed up in my friend's Picarto stream, which is how they choose their next victims.

I do not know on how many sites they have an account other than DA and Tumblr, but if you see any accounts with a name similar to this one here on FIMFiction (The Wandering Bard) or an account that does such things, please do not interact with them. This is my one and only FIMFiction account. Simply block them, report them, and move on.

Thank you.

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Comments ( 23 )

Some people just have nothing better to do with their lives eh? Gotta wonder what these people get out of doing crap like this.

Seriously. And it's worse because they've created multiple accounts and gotten around multiple IP bans.

You need to have LOTS of time on your hands to do that crap. Just one of the many "benefits" of the internet I guess.

Eeeeeyep. This is why I say do not interact, and also do not react. One of my friends reacted, and it took a long time for them to leave him alone. Whereas another of my friends just blocked and reported them, and they went away fairly quickly.

Yep, good advice to abide by here. I will keep note of that. Anyways, how are ya doing?

Busy, mostly. :rainbowlaugh: But good. How about you?

Been pretty busy as well. Lots of heavy stuff happening with my family right now and college has been keeping me occupied with work. Thankfully I have spring break next week so I have some time to relax from all this.

I'm sorry to hear that with your family. I hope that everything turns out well. Definitely a good thing you'll have break coming up. Sounds like you need it.

*Hugs* Thank you so much! I have good hopes everything will turn out well, its just a lot right now.

You are very welcome! And trust me, I get that.

On a brighter note, I will be heading over to my friends place this Saturday for a party!!!

Yaaaassss! Parties are a blast!

Yeah, and if you met my friend you would know his parties are something else alright. He's an interesting specimen but a great friend nonetheless. He is basically the human version of Pinkie Pie but even more insane! :pinkiecrazy:

Ooooh boy. XD He sounds great, though.

The parties that my friend group throws can get wild, too. But they're always a ton of fun.

Well, there is a lot to tell you about him and some stuff might leave you disturbed! XD

I seem to attract the craziest of individuals but they always turn out to be the best of friends you can have so I cherish it!

Haha, I get just what you mean!

Well, I gtg to sleep now. Nice talking with ya again!

"Contribute to the world? Nawww, I'mma just try to ruin people's days!"

People like that are so annoying. It takes just as much effort to fake it as it does to do that. Don't cheat. Bleh. Thanks for the heads up, dearie.

You're very welcome! Also, welcome back!

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