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My Google Search History · 6:17pm Mar 19th, 2018

Can I just share with you all some of the silly things I've found myself typing into my Google bar these past few days? I assure you, it was all in the pursuit of writing research. Still makes me laugh, though.

What makes 19th century gowns so poofy? - The results weren't quite so exact (I pretty much got a rundown on poofy dress history overall) but this was pretty interesting. Did you guys know ladies of status used to walk around with stiff frames around their waists? I didn't. Geez, it looked almost as uncomfortable as corsets! I suppose you'd need practice and good spacial awareness to keep from bumping into things... (There were different approaches to getting that 'poofy' dress shape. The pic below is the crinoline. For the story I'm writing, I went with the farthingale, which often was just padded fabric at the waist with some metal hoops at the end of the skirt.)

EDIT: Ah wait. Upon more reading, it appears the farthingale alone is just the padded cloth about the waist. The skirt with the hoops is... well... a hoop skirt. I was combining the two in my head. (Sometimes these history articles fail on clarity...)

Where are horse nipples? - Yeah, okay. I know plenty of pony fans have done this at one point or another, but this had me cracking up so bad-- not just for how absurd it is out of context-- but because I SHOULD JUST FRIGGING KNOW THIS BY NOW. I've been a pegasister for how many years now? Good grief...

Pony city names - I was lazy and needed horse puns for locations. 'Nuff said.

Victorian sexuality art - If you're familiar with my fics, you might have a guess as to what I'm doing all this searching for... but yes. I wanted to see what the fancy folk from long ago got up to when they were randy. It was mostly a bust, BUT not completely. I learned about this artist from a 19th-century erotic illustrator by the name of Maurice François Alfred Martin van Miële. As per FimFic.Net's policies, I can't link his stuff here, buuuut... Just google him. It's sexy (and sometimes weird) but never dull. Obviously NSFW, so do the search where you won't regret it.

Ancient Egypt clothing - Fun fact: Ancient Egyptian children didn't typically wear clothing until they were six years old. In fact, it wasn't uncommon for women to be topless and dressed in virtually see-through clothing, or for men to be dressed only in a shenti (which was a kilt-like garment around the waist.) Many slaves worked in the nude, too. The reasons had nothing to do with Egypt's wealth, or even that they lacked the flax needed to spin their clothing (which they usually didn't). It was just really, really freaking hot down there and people had little to no other ways of cooling off. (This was all really fascinating to learn, but I ended up not using this information. Perhaps at another point in my story.)

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Now, call me a wishful thinker, but this sounds like stuff that might be relevant to HCHL :trixieshiftright:

Gee. Maybe.



D-don't tease me now :applecry:

I do look forward to seeing more of that story some day, it's the one that really sold me on Fluttershy x Rarity as a ship, and I think it's one of the best of it's kind that I've read.

aw thanks!

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