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Actual News - Editing · 9:17am Mar 18th, 2018

Hello to all who read this blog!

I know that I didn't post a new Dawn chapter in a long time, but I do a lot of editing in the last few weeks. Since I started writing myself last year I learned a lot about it and I always found something new to improve on. That's why I edit through the chapters of my other story, The Secrets of Equestria, like a mad man right now. Rewriting dialogues, looking out that a balance of Show and Tell is given, well, for me at least.

Granted, my editor didn't have the time to look over my improvements concerning the story, he edited only the prologue and chapter 1 until now because of Real life reasons. But Dawn was looked over completely at last and Chapter 1-14 are proofread (OK, I may look it over for typos). I want to thank Javarod at this point. I would say we erased like 95-98% errors at least. I don't claim perfection, but I deem Dawn on a fairly well level, gramatically speaking.

I added the chapter "Magic" to the Secrets of Equestria. I erased once the original chapter by accident, because I didn't watch out and clicked the wrong buttons. :twilightblush: But now I rewrote it and I'm very satisfied with the results.

I edited on my own to including Chapter 19 and will read over 20-24 in due time.

I hope you have a little more patience, because I will start writing on new chapters for both stories after I finished Chapter 24.

And thank you very much for reading and faving my stories, it means a lot to me. :twilightsmile:

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