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I'm just a random guy who wants to read good fanfics. If you want to know anything about me, (I doubt any of you do, but you never know) just ask me

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day · 9:37pm Mar 17th, 2018

I made a blog for Valentine's Day, might as well do one today. Howdy. Happy St Patrick's Day everyone. I hope you'll all having a good day. The day of luck. I really have no opinion on this holiday. Don't like it or hate it. I'm just neutral about it.

Since this has become a regular thing, I'm going to talk about some things now. First, SiE. Chapter 29 is still be written. Just got stuck on how the training should go. And I've been...distracted. I'll explain more in a bit. Also, recently had more ideas for the future of SiE. I hope my readers will enjoy them.

Next, TFATH. The anniversary of that story is soon. 6 days in fact. Expect a blog for that next Friday. As of right now, chapter 9 is still not started, seeing as how we're stuck on a few things. Namely character interactions. We should be able to start it soon...

Now, the main reason SiE has been rather slow right now is basically something similar to what I said in my anniversary blog back in January. Long story short, I got new games. A little while ago, someone gave me their PS3, knowing how much I love games. And a week later, I got inFAMOUS 1 and 2, and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. And they are fuuuuun. Seriously, I knew inFAMOUS Second Son was good, I played it all summer last year, but the first games are VERY fun. And it feels good playing a Sly Cooper game after 15 years. Hopefully I can get the Sly Collection soon. Not to mention, playing inFAMOUS helps me learn more about Conduits, which is definitely useful. Also, Cole is VERY versatile. In the first game he can make shields, shoot grenades and missiles, summon lightning from the sky, and create blades of electricity from his forearms. And in the second game, at the point I'm in, he can levitate cars, and summon FRICKING TORNADOES! And I'm not even half way yet. I think... Anyway, the games are awesome, glad I bought them, and it makes me really wish there'll be another game in the series soon. And it gave me a few ideas for abilities for Rainbow.

On an unrelated note, I saw the new trailer for Avengers: Infinity War yesterday. And it. Is. AWESOME! Seriously, I NEED to see that movie. It looks amazing. I remember when I considered having the Infinity Stones be a thing in SiE last summer. But decided against it because that is WAY too much power to have in that world and I can't think of something like Infinity Gauntlet (the event comic) happening.

Well, that's about it. Have a nice day everyone, see you all on Friday for the TFATH anniversary.


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Happy St. Patrick Day to you as well!

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