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In Memoriam of Professor Stephen Hawking · 1:53pm Mar 16th, 2018

For without him our idea on the nature of the universe would be so much smaller.

I have know for days of his passing, but I wanted everyone else to make their posts first. I wanted my voice to be heard, so I wanted not to be lost in the noise.

One of my life goals was to get a picture with the man. (Considering that I couldn't get an autograph because he had lost the ability to write by hand decades ago.)

He despite knowing that at best he had three years to live managed to survive decades and did everything in his power to try and solve the mysteries of the universe, and for that I salute him.

I as a child dreamed of being a Super-Scientist, a made up term that I came-up with (and that later I realized was used in the cartoon the Venture Bros.) of a scientist that could make the impossible possible. A man that could point humanity in the right direction in it's journey to the stars, and ironically part of me also wanted to step on Mars.

As a failed University student I'll probably never do any of this, but I can write about it and dream.

With that I say goodbye Hawk continue to soar in the stars.

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