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✨I'm just a book loving cat lurking around! I tend to doodle which turns into art sometimes! I'm a kitty =^~^= ✨

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My Little Demon · 8:27pm Mar 15th, 2018

My Little Demon
My Little Demon is a series like My Little Pony but instead of ponies, there little plush demons! The creator is currently trying to push out 5 new demon ponies! She (the creator)made a pledge on Kickstarter and we’re trying to raise $29,400 and currently we’re at $13,300. As you can see we need all the backers we can get! Any help is appreciated but not mandatory!

[Pictures of the demon plushies, I can prob answer any questions you may have, can’t promise anything]

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Comments ( 7 )

Ye there nice I have 2 of the demon plushies and plan to get all 5 of these ones if it gets fully funded in time :)
Also the creator is nice too, met her once :)

Yep! Met her at SteelCity Con :)

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