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Necromancer? Me? Where did you get that idea?

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  • 124 weeks
    Season 9 Episode 8 Thoughts.

    So Grogar, being like... a billion years old, couldn't feel his own magic meters away from him? And so much of it in a tiny object?
    And him being backstabbed by the Terrible Trio is kinda meh of an ending. I feel like oh, they are gonna be redeemed, or even backstab each other once Grogar is defeated, and then all of them will be defeated?

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  • 153 weeks
    Do YOU know what day it is??

    I am now 19 years old.
    One step closer to the grave, yay.
    But seriously, this is going to be a fun day!

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  • 174 weeks
    I am..

    In fact, not dead.
    School's been a bitch.. and tiring..
    I may post another chapter of Necromancer soon, along with a new story that's long overdue..
    I'm sorry.. It's been a really tough year..

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  • 180 weeks
    I am alive! I think..

    I know.. It's been too long since I've posted anything.
    Between school, and league, and new friends.. Writing things is hard...
    I am almost done setting up a new story I've been working on...

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  • 186 weeks
    It has been brought to my attention..

    That a user who goes by Gpizano is having financial troubles. They're getting a job, but live in the middle of nowhere and would probably need assistance. This has been brought to me by Vertigo22, who got it from FourShadow, who may or may not have gotten it from someone else.

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Rest In Peace, Hawking. · 9:13pm Mar 14th, 2018

Stephen died today.
Terrible news, I must say.
Ever in our hearts, he will stay.
Physics, he made many breakthroughs..
Hawking, his last name was.
Early in the morning, he peacefully went.
Never forget, the great science man.

He lived a good life, they would say.
A life worth living, a life well lived.
With a final breath, he left his body.
Keeping in mind that his mind is free.
I just wanted to share this with the world.
Not much, but a poem for the lost
Genius that once walked around.

Comments ( 4 )

It is a sad day for him to pass on a moment of silence for this great man. He was the smartest person in the world shame he had to pass on knowing the world was a horrible place right now.

Hopefully no one says that he sucked because he is a cripple I hate people like that it's pretty much racism in a way

I don't think it's racism, it's more of just being an asshole..

Same thing anyone who's a racist is a royal jackass

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