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  • 64 weeks

    The story Just A Joke was in bad taste and I apologise. I've deleted it. It was dumb catharsis cranked out in a few minutes with no forethought. If rather not have my last thing here be something out of spite.
    Apologies again.

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  • 64 weeks
    I'm Done

    Been dealing with a lot of stuff I won't go into, hadn't seen Fimfic in a long while. Came back to find an alarming number of people promoting nazi ideals, fetishising victims of the holocaust, and mocking the deceased. Well, I hope the edgy humour and porn was worth the 85,000,000+ victims of a global tragedy, Fimfic.

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  • 72 weeks
    Once More, With Feeling

    As of right now, I'm going back to writing. I've written nothing while I've been off grieving and sorting out things in my personal life and finally, after so so long, the fire to write is back - or at least a few embers. I'm gonna try to write more of the next SDR chapter as soon as I post this blog post, but chances are I'll be writing unrelated stuff while I get the drive back.

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  • 80 weeks
    It's been quite some time... [UPDATED]

    ...so I’m gonna hurry production some on the next chapter. I haven’t worked on it as much as I would prefer I did, which is unfortunate. Gonna get it worked on good though, it’s a thing to do with quarantine being a thing.


    A couple weeks later. A very close friend died. Been grieving. Updates idk when. Story will be on hiatus after the next chapter while I sort things out irl.

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  • 89 weeks

    Whoops it’s been ages since last chapter~
    I’m hoping the next one should be done by next weekend, but we’ll see. After the next one is chapter 50 not counting the bonus chapter by Darkest Dreams, and will be the end of the first major arc of the story. It’s pretty exciting~!

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For One of My Childhood Heroes · 7:35pm Mar 14th, 2018

When I was young, I wanted to be a scientist. My mind yearned to know as much as I could about the universe, and the great men and women of science were, and still are, heroes in my eyes. Today we’ve lost a great man, but we haven’t lost the brilliance he achieved through his life.
R.I.P. Stephen Hawking.

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I was shocked when I found out. Great man. Great sense of humour. Great mind. When the doctors said he’d have only one or two more years back when he was 22 they forgot to specify which two years. He has now achieved ultimate knowledge. Good luck to him in whatever afterlife there may or may not be.

I can't even imagine how different the world would've turned out without him. I hope his work continues to inspire, now and always.

“I have noticed that even those who assert that everything is predestined and that we can change nothing about it, still look both ways before they cross the street.”

If he hadn’t gone into science, he’d have made a good stand up sit down comedian too. He wasn’t always eager to allow people to use him in comedy. Watching him run over Brian Cox and sing the Monty Python galaxy song was the best moment of their last ever show.

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