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R.I.P Stephen Hawking, science had suffered a great loss.... · 5:57pm Mar 14th, 2018

Hello everypony, I have some bad news. Last night at the age of 76, great scientist Stephen Hawking passed away:raritycry::ajsleepy:

Ive always been a huge fan of any sort of science related to space, and Mr. Hawking was, and is still, one of my heroes, I really looked up to him for both his genius intellect and his determination. Even after he was diagnosed with a disease that would slowly paralyze him, and put him in a powered wheelchair and forced to use a computer so communicate during his later years, he still marched, or rolled in his case, onwards and made many great contributions to science, most famously around black holes, and how they are not actual black at all. He even had a form of radiation emitted from black holes named after him, Hawking radiation, which is created as a back hole VERY VERY, VERY slowly, in a time frame so long calling it forever seems ok, basically evaporates into space. This is one of many things he has helped contribute to science, and we should remember him for them.

Also one final thought, and this isn't a joke.

I would find it very fitting (and I believe Mr. Hawking would agree if his will allows it) if good ole Elon Musk put his remains in a Falcon series rocket and shot it into space, heading for the nearest black hole.

Like this blog post to remember The Great Man that was Mr. Hawking, and comment if you agree Elon Musk should bury his remains in space, going to a black hole.

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*Takes hat off of head and holds it against chest* To Steven Hawking.

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