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R.I.P. — Stephen Hawking · 5:02pm Mar 14th, 2018

Stephen Hawking, who I believe no further elaboration on his many contributions to not only science, but getting the ever fickle public to actually care about science, sadly passed away today at age 76.

No word yet (from what I've heard at least) on the cause of death... but given the horrid degenerative disease he'd been fighting near all his life, I doubt we'll get any shocks once its made public.


Its funny in a sad, darkly ironic way, but of all the things about the man, I think I'll miss his speeches and lectures the most. Hawking's simply had this way with words that could make you weep tears of awe if he spoke sincerely about pocket lint for twenty minutes—and how he so often spoke on the beauty and scale of the cosmos, and how that grandeur only deepens the more you learn?

That only took those moments of awe, into outright heights of pure inspiration I barely dare hope I can myself create pale shadows of one day.

Heck, the man even had a sense of humor about himself most of us could learn a thing or two from.


Dammit all, the good really do die too young, huh? :pinkiesad2:

Rest easy, Mr. Hawking. After what a merry chase of a super marathon you gave the Reaper alone, you deserve it.

Stephen Hawking — 8 January 1942 — 14 March 2018


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To be fair his original diagnosis left him 2 years... He lived a hell of a lot longer than that.

'I want to emigrate to equestria'.

What he could make of unlimited computational potentials!

He will be missed, especially by fans of the Sitcom Big Bang Theory where he as often mentioned and did many guest appearances.

May he rest in oblivion's velveteen embrace; he will be missed.

RIP Stephen, you'll be remembered. Up there with Isaac Newton and Einstien, you will not be forgotten.

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