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CustomMadeMini's Review ... Spread the Word. · 1:06pm Mar 14th, 2018


Here's an email from this guy. And my reply ... which I admit to being in the wrong.

Adam Hensley <redacted>
4:41 PM (16 hours ago)
to custommademinis
The 300 Euro price. How many mini's does that buy? And what is the price for bulk orders. I'm in the process of transforming a PnD that me and my bro have been making / playing since 2007 to a marketable book. And I need to know how much to save up to get a good starting collection of minis for when I move it to actual book form, as well as start up the kickstarter for it.

The amount of Minis will be a minimum of minis will be ~ 210 individual chars (14 race (7 male and female), 3 classes, and 4 - 5 hair styles. (short, medium, long, spikey, mohawk.). And I'd be buying anywhere from a hundred to a thousand starting off.

Thank you very much for your time, and have a great day ^_^.

Jan Kral
1:53 AM (6 hours ago)
to me

this is supposed to be a response to what? No history below. And not even a greeting but still demanding me to waste my time on your delusions? Go fix your head instead, ffs.

S přátelským pozdravem, With best regards, Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Искренне Ваш

Jan Kral

Sculptor, Tinner, Licensee & Contact person
CMM - Custom Made Minis, Czech Republic
WWW: www.custommademinis.com
Tel: (+420) 775 201 910
IC (Czech business licence ID): 69711674

---------- Původní e-mail ----------
Od: Adam Hensley <renthealicorn@gmail.com>
Komu: custommademinis@seznam.cz
Datum: 13. 3. 2018 21:41:40
Předmět: Custom Question.


Adam Hensley <redacted>
8:47 AM (0 minutes ago)
to Jan
Wow, you are an utter $#*!. Seriously you are an utter $#*!.

I was asking a question, looking to see how much I need to save, and work with you. On a game that has been worked on for 10 yrs now, and was going to set up a working history with you. And it wasn't a demand. If you actually knew how to read English. Since you are a stupid $#*!. let me point out how this was no demands, but requests.

1) I asked how what was the price for bulk orders. That states that implicitly, that I was going to be using your services over a long period of time to buy massive quantities of product. I was actually thinking of using your services exclusively over the years as long as the system remained in print. And would have linked your site to the Book I'm moving over to PDF. Which would've brought you a ton of cash.

5 Euros / Mini on your site. 210 different races. That's 1,500 Euro's minimum. Let's say a min of 500 Players, that's 750,000 Euro's possible. WOW! How Demanding that I want to effectively give you that much money! I'M SUCH A MONSTER!

2) I stated, that I was going to be buying 100 - 1000 starting off. I gave no time constraints, and didn't demand you to make them. No demands, simply stating what I was aiming for, and needing to know how much to save up for a starting batch for the Kickstarter campaign.

3) Instead of reading, or using any form of civilized discusion. You immediately jump to conclusions and tear into me. So you are the one who needs his head fixed.

I am starting a business, and working on moving a game me and my bro have spent a decade on working on at my brother's behest. Seeing other Kickstarter campaigns. I saw that giving mini's was a fun gift to funders and thought that having a centralized site for making them would be mutually beneficial. They'd make loads of cash, I'd save on storage, and I'd be hooking up a company with more potential clientell.

And most business give bulk discounts. If you are making a massive order, they usually shave off a certain percentage. It was a simple question, and my first question was in no way rude or demanding. Simply a few questions, what I'd be looking for. And seeing how thing go.

He replies buy insulting me, tearing into me like I insulted his mother and spitted on his grandparent's graves.

Spread the word, this company's owners are horrible people. Who jump down the throats of potential customers, and insult people looking to give them large bits of business without even trying to engage in civil discourse.

That's the review I gave. But seriously. If you know people who buy mini's try seeing if you can Boycott these peeps. I mean seriously. I just spent 1k on a 3d modeler to start work on my character design, so the book can have photorealistic, and really good art work for the players. I spent from 2007 to 2013 working on Versions 1 - 3.45. Now working on Version 4 that'll be going into production. I'm simply looking at options so that when I go to Kickstarter to get the money to make the book a hardcover from https://www.bookbaby.com I can show the funders that I appreciate them and their time / help.

Instead of a civil discussion, or even a mildly disinterested one. I'm treated as if I'm some kind of super asshole. That gravely insulted them. Hell the only reason I contacted them in the first place was their prices on site were fair, the art was good, and it looked like the perfect place to start whole saleing, while giving them sole rights to sell the minis. Which admittedly I should've opened up with.

So yeah. Spread the word to anyone who buys mini's not to use these guys.

Report TheGreatEater · 263 views · #games #pnd #reviews
Comments ( 5 )

Don't worry, I won't, either.

Wow. Your initial email was really polite. I have no idea how this person has stayed in business. Maybe like ten other people have run some kind of scam on him that starts with asking for a bulk order? Even so, I don't know why he's acting like you were being rude when you aren't.

I also think you're burying the lead, that you're starting a kickstarter for a cool new system you and your brother have been working on. Tell us more about that! Do you have any links to a preliminary website or anything?


Sadly all the work is in Notebook form, but I'm moving it to GDocs and I hired a 3d Modeler for the Character Art. But when I'm ready for focus grouping and editing. Fimfic will be one of the two only places that'll have dibs in playing with the Beta of Version 4, and fine tuning it to get Market Ready.

The book will be full of Pre-Rendered Photorealistic art work, and it has so many amazing systems. Like the Underworld System, when you "die" you go to an underworld based on your morality (so your actions really do have consequences). Where if you leave before a set time you can be "resurrected". But you can also get quests from denizens or deities of those places either for renown in the Underworld or for a new chance at life. You can get spells or items unique to those places. Even use it for character growth / development.

Then there's the Spirit Crafting Feature, where you can literally manifest items made of X material (Elemental, Psionic, Planar, Biological, etc.) into reality.

Most of it uses a Dot Progression System (so far), and a really easy and fun leveling system that rewards all playing style in an easy to use and understand format.

As for Kickstarter. I want to Bulk Order Photorealistic Stickers for Char Gen (so far it's looking like it'll be 4k to make an order of 100 sticker sheet books(10 - 24 sheets / book)), and Minis. So the Kickstarter Funders can have something to look forward too.

4816990 Sounds cool. When do you think you'll launch the Kickstarter?


Either right after the focus group and editors wrap up the V.4 Beta. Or right after I get my first batch of stickers and minis. By then I should have all art work done, and everything ready to move up to Kickstarter for the 80k needed to not only make a 1000 run book from Book Daddy, but also pay programmers to make a companion app (Min.), and afford more mini's past the proofs I'll be purchasing for Kickstarter.

At 160 K I'll be able to afford Figurines (LTE), put more man hours to the app, and get it browser compatible. With a prepaying for a good game server, with Norton and Comodo for SSL Security for all my customers. Anything past that is gravy and more things I can get everyone. Maybe even work on publishing more books (Like the full Bestiary, Game Guides for Each Class adding lore, more skills and items, etc.. As well as a character companion (for those who don't want to use the app), for keeping characters, companions, and resources in order.)

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