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Call me GB! ^_^ I enjoy writing colourful horse stories for you to enjoy. If you liked one of my stories, please share it with others and have a wonderful day!

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    Roxy found herself reflecting on the incredible journey she had gone through. Once her Poké Ball had deposited her in that forest, she had thought her life was over forever. It had felt like all but her beating heart had been taken away from her all at once, never to return. A brief spark of hope was all that had remained, and that had been the only thing that kept her safe from the

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The Thunder Clan - Chapter 25 · 10:54am Mar 13th, 2018

Roxy was terrified. There was no point in lying about it. Every nerve in her body, every iota of her frightened little brain, were all trying to convince her that she was unprepared for a journey like this. Her treacherous mind kept questioning how well she would do should they meet a predator, and if she was strong enough to survive the long journey anyway. There was a noticeable feeling of discomfort in the middle of her chest, a manifestation of the sense of dread she felt deep within her.

Instead of panicking, though, she let out a slow sigh. She acknowledged all of her dark thoughts, because some of them were in fact quite valid, but then focused her mind on the flipside. She had been training for this journey for months at this point, and she did know how to fight. She didn't want to and she wasn't the best at it, but she could. Furthermore, Taka would be right there with her every step of the way. When she failed, he would be there to step up. No matter how close they may have been as friends or not, Roxy knew she could put her full confidence in him.

"I guess I just got one more question then," she said.

He raised his eyebrow as if to ask 'What is it?'

She grinned at him, feeling invigorated. "When can we go?"

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