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What becomes of the Followers? · 7:07pm Mar 11th, 2018

Estee made this fascinating post earlier, so I thought I'd do something similar, albeit not as quite such length. One thing I've only just realised is that the Nemryn who Estee discusses in the intro to that post is in fact the same person who won January's Flashfic 150 contest. I always find this sort of interconnectedness interesting. Anyway, more past the break:

Here are my first ten followers on Fimfiction, starting with the earliest and showing the date they were last logged into Fimfiction:

1. Meta Knight: has logged on today. I don't remember talking with them much, though.
2. Quintus: Dec 13, 2013. Has lost interest in MLP, though is still around in the furry fandom.
3. Rocket: last Friday. I still talk a bit with him on non-fandom blogs, mostly about politics.
4. Feefers: Feb 16 this year. I remember her from furry, but we haven't spoken in a long time.
5. GotFalconPawnch: Sep 19, 2012. After an initial bout of chatter, we lost touch and stayed that way.
6. Hironolind: Mar 13, 2013. This name draws a complete blank from me.
7. The Drifting Bard: Feb 17 this year. Another person whose name doesn't ring a bell.
8. Follower: May 23, 2014. Was trying to follow everyone on Fimf. Got to just short of 500 followers.
9. hawthornbunny: 10 minutes ago. Someone I actually know in person! Had breakfast with him before UK PonyCon last year.
10. EatingDeezPinkPies: Jul 26, 2017. I have not the slightest clue who this is/was.

I'll extend this to 11. ScipioSmith: today. We used to exchange comments quite a bit, but SS is mostly an original fic author now. For what it's worth, my first follower who (now) has at least 500 followers was GeodesicDragon (15th; see below) and the first with a four-figure count was Blueshift (30th; last Tuesday but doesn't really do anything on Fimfiction any more).

The first of my followers listed as banned is DoomofMatrix (Apr 2nd, 2014). I can't remember anything about this user, including why they were banned.

As for the first ten users I followed -- the first five are all people listed above:

1. Quintus
2. Rocket
3. Feefers
4. GotFalconPawnch
5. hawthornbunny
6. Shattubatu: Feb 24th this year. Won the BUCK 2013 flashfic contest, which I also entered.
7. Geodesic Dragon: yesterday. Mostly known for the Geoverse, which I don't follow.
8. Sweet Tale: Oct 19th, 2016. Used to be active on the UK of Equestria forums under another name.
9. Rubyfire377: today. I honestly can't remember why I followed this guy.
10. Jordan179: today. Author of the "Shadow Wars" stories. Added because I liked Fluttershy is Free.

I'm not sure what any of the above actually means, if anything, but it made an interesting and semi-nostalgic journey through my lists.

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Comments ( 6 )

Y-you never talk with me about politics, b-baka

Author Interviewer

Oh, so you and hawthorn are different people after all! :V

I try to keep politics and Pony separate. Well, apart from Pony politics.

That's what we tell people, yes.

Do you enjoy discussing politics?

Somewhat. Really what I enjoy is shitposting about politics.

Well, thanks for responding. Dispassionate discussion is more what I'm looking for, though.

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