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Do you think Pinkie Pie is a Draconequus? · 11:59am Mar 11th, 2018

I think so. But she's less powerful than Discord in some regards.

She's a creature of chaos. But her desire to have friends and actually having many friends stop her chaos magic levels from going to high, stopping her from going completely insane. Note I said completely insane, she is still insane. But not super insane.

She may not even know she is a Draconequus.

Report Bendy · 156 views · #Pinkie Pie #draconequus
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Comments ( 4 )

if she is a draconequus, what would happen to whoever really hurt her friends, like dear old Chryssie attacking them after capturing them, during the wedding?

No, she is so obviously Zoidberg.

I dont think so. Pinkie never used that type of magic. Thanks to their human counterparts, we can easily determine, which of their abilities are magic based, like flutters ability to talk to animals, is clearly based on magic, but pinkies quirks are not.

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