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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety. YouTube Channel | Buy me tea?

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Q&A Round 26 - The Answers! (Finally) · 12:32am Mar 9th, 2018

Sorry this has taken me so long.

In my last blog post on this subject, I said that there was 'something I need to do first.' Well, that 'something' was answering all the questions put to me for that podcast I was supposed to do some months ago; sadly, though, the thread appears to have been deleted.

Since I didn't get as many questions directed towards me as I hoped I would, there won't be a video.

As always, questions are answered in the order they were received.


1. Fluttershy, I've the cut-outs you made that one Nightmare Night. Are you into manga or whatever equivalent the ponies call it?

Fluttershy: I'm not sure what that is.
John: It's a thing back where we come from. From what I understand, it usually involves scantily-clad schoolgirls with big eyes and even bigger t—
Fluttershy: That's enough explaining, thank you!

2. Pinkie, if you had your cutie mark but ended up not becoming a eldritch abomination party pony, what would be your job?

Pinkie Pie: Balloon salespony, maybe? Or perhaps somepony who piloted a balloon, or who makes balloon animals?
John: Or a pony who made balloon animals that they sold while piloting a balloon?
Pinkie: Pfft, that's just silly talk.

3. Cadence and Shining Armor, do you always have a tendency to eff like rabbits and did you know that Chrysalis is yandere for the both of you?

Author Geo: Hold on a second. (He looks up the meaning of 'yandere.') Right, okay, moving on...

Cadence: I'm the Princess of love, so of course I'm going to enjoy sex.
Shining Armour: You and me both. (He wiggles his eyebrows.)
Chrysalis: I WILL CRUSH YOU, FOOLS! (Under her breath.) With cuddles...

4. Spike, have you considered taking up courier work when you're done with being Twilight's butler assistant?

Spike: I tried that once; turns out dragon fire isn't all that great at sending things other than letters. (He sighs.) I still owe Filthy Rich five hundred bits...
Filthy Rich: Five hundred and sixty.

5. Author Geo, did you say you have a dulcet voice? You make yourself sound like one of those crooners from the 40s to 50s.

When I said 'dulcet,' I actually meant 'quite grating and coarse.' Then again, it depends who you ask. I personally hate the way my voice sounds when it has been recorded.

6. How are you not affected by coffee, Pinkie? Is your blood made of liquid sugar and gems or something!?

Pinkie Pie: Oh, that's easy! (She thumps a hoof against her stomach.) I'm forty percent caffeine.

7. Applejack, did you know that apple lasagna exists?

(Applejack is seen holding a baseball bat.)
Applejack: Not fer much longer.

8. Big Mac, why does Sweet Apple Acres keep pigs and what happens to them after they become too old to find truffles?

(Big Mac doesn't answer you; instead, he draws a hoof across his throat.)

9. Rainbow Dash, what would you do if you encountered a robo-scorpion and got stung by its stupid-rays?

Rainbow Dash: Pfft, robo-scorpions don't exist.
Ace: Not yet.
Rainbow Dash: What?
Ace: Nothing!

10. Main Geo, what would you do if you met this Starlight Glimmer pony... if she exists at all?

Author Geo: Heads up, folks: this answer contains a spoiler for Evil Rising.

Geo: From what Twilight told me after she kicked Tirek's butt and brought be back from the dead, Starlight Glimmer does indeed exist. And, more to the point, we will be meeting her soon.

11. Flash Sentry, did you know that you're just plain unlucky and the universe wants to screw you over?

Flash Sentry: Well, I—

12. Scootaloo, is there a crusade that doesn't involve tree sap?

Scootaloo: Not really, no.
Apple Bloom: Good thing there ain't a cutie mark fer gettin' covered in tree sap; we'd all have one by now.
Sweetie Belle: I don't want to think about that. Come on, Crusaders, let's try getting Ace to let us help him build something.

(At that moment, in Ace's lab...)

Ace: (He shudders.) I just felt a disturbance in the Force; something wicked this way comes.

13. Sweetie Belle, have you considered becoming a pony minigun?

Sweetie Belle: That would be so awesome... but Rarity would probably put a stop to it.
Rarity: You're absolutely right; I would put a stop to it, because everypony knows that a real lady fights with swords!

14. Applejack and Apple Bloom, how would you feel if you saw a pony that sounded like your mother?

(Neither of them respond; they've been brought to tears at the mention of their mother.)

15. Pinkie, how did you know to sing in Spanish?

(Pinkie shrugs.)
Pinkie: ¿Qué puedo decir? Soy una yegua muy talentosa. (She waves a forehoof at you.) Es como si no me conocieras en absoluto.*


Question 1, this one is for Geoverse Geo, and Twilight: With all the stuff that goes on in your life...do you ever find time for romance anymore? Like date nights?

Geo: Of course we do! Why, just the other night, I took Twilight out to a very nice restaurant in Canterlot!
Twilight: A restaurant you got us thrown out of after you argued with the cellist about his tip.
Geo: But he wanted a hundred bits!
Twilight: Which would have been a nice gesture.
Geo: A hundred bits is not a tip, Twilight, it's highway robbery. And besides, the guy wasn't even that good at playing the damn thing; for half that amount, I could easily convince Vinyl to get her friend Octavia to come round and give us a private show!
Twilight: You're just too stubborn to admit that you're tighter than your own belt.
Geo: Yeah... well... it's the principle of the thing.
Twilight: Mm-hmm. Well, your 'principles' have earned you a night on the couch; I've never been so embarrassed in my life.
(She throws a pair of pillows and a blanket at him, then leaves the room before he can respond.)

Question 2, this one is for you (the author): Besides writing, do you have a hobby that you really like to do?

I like playing games, either on my computer (which isn't that good) or my PS4. On the PC, I play things like Team Fortress 2, Factorio, Stardew Valley (yes, really), World of Warcraft and Civilization V. On the PS4, I am currently playing Metal Gear Solid V; I am also eagerly awaiting the release of Far Cry 5 in a couple of weeks.

Right, that's all for now.

Stay awesome.

* Translation: What can I say? I'm a very talented mare. It's like you do not know me at all.

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Comments ( 3 )

Hey I still play tf2 too. To bad I haven't had a pc for like 2 years. I main the pyro and engie myself.

This is the first time I've smiled in days. Recently, somebody I thought loved me moved to another state for another guy...I'm currently EXTREMELY heartbroken...

But this placed a huge smile on my face. I love your Q&A sessions. Keep up the good work. :pinkiesad2:


I'm sorry to hear that. I hope it all gets better for you soon.

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