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If you're reading this, then clearly you have nothing better to do. Go read a book or something.

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  • 104 weeks
    Legend's Log: Date Unknown

    The log crackles into life, the sound of interference fills the silence as a human voice speaks up

    "If you're listening to this, then I'm already gone." a male's voice states, seeming slightly upset. "I have seen what Equestria has to offer and while my exploits here were great, all good things must come to an end."

    the sound of rushed packing occur for several seconds

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  • 105 weeks

    Oh no.

    Oh fuck no.

    Knighty, baby.

    Disabling ratings and comments... No.

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  • 109 weeks
    Re;Birth 3 is an abosolute trash fire and I love it.

    So, after about two weeks, 100+ hours and a lot of fanservice, I've finished the Re;Birth trilogy of the Neptunia franchise. There's Victory 2 left and I'll get on that SoonTM, but if I ever write that god-forsaken crossover fic, it will end there unless Victory 2 proves interesting enough.

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  • 110 weeks
    State Of Hclegend: 27/05/18

    You may notice that Glimmer Fortress (Along with another trash pile of a fic that shall not be spoken of.) are now missing from my profile.

    That's because I've decided to cancel Glimmer Fortress entirely. This is for several reasons.

    1. It's a discount PWNY-verse story starring a largely OOC Starlight Glimmer along with Sunset Shimmer, I guess.

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  • 111 weeks
    I'm sorry, but Hclegend can't be reached right now.

    Please leave a message after the nep.

    In all seriousness, all of my productivity is dead because of this. And I'm not even done with the first, yet...

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Well, you've been Featured, now what? · 12:20pm Mar 8th, 2018

I'm retiring from Fimfiction. I've achieved my career goal and all ongoing stories will now be can-

You do realise it's not April 1st yet, right?

Fuck. Hey, how did you get here? This isn't a story!

You really shouldn't leave the fourth wall open after breaking it. Leads to a lot of metaphysical discovery. Why did you even write that fourth wall break?

I thought it was funny? You do know this is a blog post, right?

Duh. Get back to writing Glimmer Fortress, you fuck.

Well, maybe I wanted to take a few days off after writing Fluttershy Kicks Puppies!

Well maybe you should get off your ass and get on with the shit you're writing.

Wait... You're the Glimmer Fortress Starlight, right?

No shit. How did you think I got here when none of your other stories have glaring fourth wall breaks left broken.

... Magi-

You say magic and I'll ensure that I'll break a second fourth wall to fucking murder you.

Aight, aight. What do you want then, you crazy merc bitch?

Close the fourth wall in Glimmer Fortress before it goes full Doki Doki. And judging by this conversation, you couldn't write a decent fourth wall joke, never mind an entire arc based on metaphysical tropes and the characters you wrote rising up against you.

Alright then. Does that mean you can fuck off now?

Sure. I probably made this tolerable for your readers. Have fun justifying your lack of fourth wall!~

So uh, where was I?

You were going to go and lie to your readership about being productive.


Yeah, think I need to work on that fourth wall.

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