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Oh productivity, what art thou? · 11:57am Mar 7th, 2018

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Please excuse the horrificly archaic grammar.

Gumdrop just isn't getting the love he deserves dammit. The whole set up is great for comedy and general silliness, trying to play the serious detective in a world where the laws of physics can be turned into peanut brittle on the snap of a claw. There is an infinite room for writing potential and yet I can't write a single damn word.

Well, that's an exaggeration. I've written about 2000 words of unconnected ideas that are just up in the air, and it just goes nowhere. I can't galvanise myself the same way I can with other stories. Maybe I need more structure? Maybe I need something to force myself to write something? I'm out of ideas of how to get this little chap out there and doing things.

In other scribbling news, I've completed a few character odds and ends for Waking the Dead. I might start writing up how the characters came in to creation if people are interested, some of them do have a fairly long history to them... 5 years even. Also keep your eyes peeled, I'm considering jumping on more competitions to keep myself on track.

In other news: New workplace. It's the bomb, but I've already had a student swear at me. Weird feeling, that. Guess they got too overexcited, but it was weird as hell all the same. Like they can barely speak a word of English yet they know how to use "fucking" correctly in a sentence? Don't know if I should be impressed or not.

Beyond that, life rolls on. Eat your greens, listen to Post-Modern Jukebox, and call your grandmother because she's worried sick.

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Gumdrop is amazing!! Keep writing please!!

Don't worry! More Gumdrop is on the way, it just might take a while!!

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