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I've been a brony since October 2013, and it's only now that I have finally decided to take action and find my true place among the herd.

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New Legend of Sunset Shimmer Story - Update. *It Begins... Kind of.* · 9:05am Mar 7th, 2018

After some deliberating with myself--not one of my better moments--for the last couple of hours, I've decided on which characters are going to be appearing in this story. Since the original Legend of Zelda lacked when it came to characters, the roster seen here is much smaller than what has been seen in the previous two stories. This is the first time I've revealed this kind of thing before as I usually keep it to myself for secretive purposes but I see no reason to keep it a secret given there are few characters.

Sunset Shimmer - Herself/Avatar/Guide
Princess Twilight Sparkle - Link
Iron Will - Every Merchant
Wallflower - Old Woman
Discord - Old Man
Juniper Montage - Old Woman
Flash Sentry - Old Man

Because of the abundance of the old men and women in the game, I decided to have two characters assigned to each one. As for the merchant, you only need them for a couple of things early on and then they lose their purpose so only the one character is needed to portray them. Aside from the rest of the Rainbooms, who will make brief appearance every now and then, this is the entire cast which makes it the smallest thus far.

Unlike the previous two stories, there is no actual sense of progression due to how non-linear the original game was. As such, I'm going to have progression though it does mean cutting out on backtracking--there was way too much--and will be completely removed once the warp whistle comes into play. Also, don't expect this one to have lengthy chapters between 10,000 and 15,000 words. With so little character interaction along with little in the way of a world, each chapter will probably be around 7,000 words though it's bound to change towards the end with Level 9. I'm also cutting out any rupee grinding because I doubt anyone would want to read about collecting single and five value rupees for a couple of chapters.

Again, this story covers only the first quest. I'm not doing the second quest as it would be redundant not to mention boring as it's essentially the game's hard mode and all that changes are labyrinth layouts, monster types within them, and item relocations. Oh, and there will be bonus chapters as before but maybe just the one given how short this story is. This isn't set in stone mind you so I might change my mind and make it two bonuses.

Lastly, and this is where the 'kind of' in the title comes into play. When I was writing the previous story, I always wrote a new chapter every week mere days before it was to be published barring any circumstances. Such a schedule caused me nothing but stress sometimes trying to get a new chapter out on time so I'm doing things differently. I want to write chapters ahead of time so that I have a bigger buffer for myself as opposed to not having any before. Because of this, the first chapter is likely to be at the end of this month, but it does mean the chances of multiple chapters a week becomes a possibility.

One more thing. The total number of chapters should be around thirty but since I never get these numbers right, don't expect this to be the final result.

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So... In the end you choose a game that is going to give you more problems


In some ways this is true. I've actually figured out how to begin it in addition to how the others are going to contribute in their own way without interacting with Sunset and Twilight. The main problem is figuring out a natural progression that would make the story flow and not be stagnant. Once I figure that out, things will be able to progress properly.


I for one I'm not a very great fan of Twilight Princess, but I hope you make it good, I usually skip fanfictions of that game as it's a little boring, just like the back-tracking in many games, if not done right, one could get bored easy and only remember ONE fic that is more or less good about that game, a crossover with a Overpowered Naruto, but that is mainly a comedy harem that don't think it could suit you, even so... I wish you luck and that the muse don't leave you.


Twilight Princess will be quite the undertaking, and yet, it was the least evil of the options that I had. Wind Waker is a difficult one to work with on account of all that sailing and island hopping, and don't get me started with Skyward Sword. That's one Zelda game I cannot do justice given how it would be nothing but Sunset and a companion doing all the talking throughout most of it barring any visits to Skyloft. Breath of the Wild... Yeah, I don't need to explain that one. Right now, I'm focusing on the original game which is why it will be much shorter than my previous two installments.

Are both Sunset and Twilight going to know they are in the game or is only Twilight?

Looking forward to if you do Twilight Princess and I hope Adagio is Midna.


Sunset is going to know for sure while Twilight finds out at a slower pace.

As for Twilight Princess... That is going to happen but it's probably going to get started close to the end of the year.

I'll keep an eye out for it. Gonna be interesting seeing Twilight having to learn how to wield a sword. We saw how Sunset struggled at first and relied more on her magic. But she was also the more hands on type between her and Twilight.


This one is still coming but I've been going through some personal issues as well as the usual story related issues these past several months.

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