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YHaY Chapter Progress Update · 5:40pm Mar 6th, 2018

It is done.

I just have to go over it one last time, and then the next chapter is off to the editors.

The next chapter of Your Human and You is almost here.

Thank you for your patience.

And for those of you that will ask about another story, yes, they are being worked on.

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Comments ( 32 )

I want more bats

Ask, and you shall receive.
hopfully this fulfills your quota of bats. :trollestia:

This will be the last chapter?



Are we reaching the penultimate chapters, or this an infinite story?

How does it feel being this close to the end?

So are you working on your other stories?

Between your update and Shachza's, this week is just getting better and better !

That’s so much max

I am pleased about this. Carry on, Max. May Luna's moon guide you.

Wow, honestly thought this story was dead. Glad I was proven wrong :D

Hw many more chapters are planned?

You're still planning on continuing this in a sequel story right?

My body is ready!

I hope and pray Mad Max continues with "The Mask She Wears". That is such a gooooood story.

Oh god thank you lord man i can't wait to hear them

I’m about ready to jump up and down and scream my lungs out! I am so excited! I’m expecting Twilight to jump him as he wakes and then Fluttershy when they go to Ponyville. I’m so excited! You don’t know what this wait has been like!


Let me just...

Yeet dab Maxie-poo!!!:pinkiehappy:

Why are you such a great author? Like half of my double favs bookshelf is you. Love your stuff. Keep it up!

May I ask what is going on with the progression of this amazing story? When will it next be updated?

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