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A german guy doing his best to tell the tale of the Trail of a Shooting Star. If you like it, why not join the Ranger HQ group for possible sidestories? Or hunt for references?

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The situation at hand and a little something as an appetizer · 9:52pm Mar 5th, 2018

Well, folks... January and February had been lost months for me. I had a nasty sinus-bronchitis, that took almost all of February. Took a visit at a specialist, they suspect I have something chronical, since I always had bronchitis over the years, once I got sick. I don't hope that this is true, but hey... I can adapt. Currently I'm having these stupid cortisone inhalators in the morning and evening. Meh...

In addition to that, the job situation changed. Still got something, but the work shifts are different every second week. Early shifts one week, late shifts the other. Leaving little free time at times. Chapter development is ongoing, though I'm hesitating to announce a hiatus. I'm not taking a break long- or short termed, since I'm always writing something, even if only a few hundred words.

As for the appetizer, here the first few paragraphs of the new chapter

Nagohod: The Fall of the Darkness Sisters

Heavy and fierce explosions along with destructive magic rays demolished the gigantic war citadel high up in the sky, until one intense red beam was shot from the fortress. The beam was shooting into the southeast, far beyond the horizon and shot into the sea near the continent of Aresios.

Down below, thousands of meters beneath sea-level, the beam struck a long dormant receptor. Vast sleeping, advanced machinery far beyond anything stirred and metallic caverns came to life. In the deep, beyond the sight of ever watchful Harmony Rangers or all seeing alicorn eyes, another terror began preparing itself for its ascend to the surface of a mostly unexpecting and undefended world as their injured mistresses recover in stasis.

Seeking victims for warped experiments, raiding the seas for valuable minerals and precious resources, this new threat soon begins to set its mechanic eyes above the waves. Finding prey in lone exploration ships in the southeast, this new force attacks.

In this time, only a handful of few individuals can imagine the terror awaiting...

For they had experienced it once in a far and distant future.

I know, I once said I wanted to publish the next chapter by January, and I'm sorry. That's the price to pay with having work, I guess. Less time for ponies and the world is not just writing about ponies. And I sure as hell won't quit my job to get more time to write about ponies. That would take the hobby to unhealthy lengths. However, the plot in my head is chapters ahead while the script is progressing slowly. The current crisis and two to three crisis after that are also spooking in my mind, tempting me to stray away from writing on the current chapter.
Advices, comments and opinions are welcome.

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Health first bro dont worry

Woah, you're telling me that keeping your job is more important than writing on a fanfiction site dedicated to pastel prancing ponies? Whoda thunk it?

For real, though, no worries. Take your time; the wait is definitely worth it.

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