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The truth behind Glitter Brightstar's dark magic · 3:49pm Mar 5th, 2018

Hey there, it's me Polaris Solarmoon and I want to reveal why Glitter Brightstar cannot be corrupted by the dark magic that she uses and why she can use dark magic in the first place.

You see Glitter Brightstar has another being deep inside her mind that is nothing but pure darkness and rage(nowadays it's just darkness and has a lot less rage.), she calls it Nightmare Darkstar and it has been a part of her since she was little, you see a thousand years ago there was once a unicorn praised for her amazing magical talent, but then one day she wanted to try something new which was dark magic.

At first it didn't seem to affect her but then she heard that Princess Solar Tempest was getting married to her ex coltfriend Aegis Solarmoon she had grew jealous and that allowed the dark magic within her to corrupt her.

She hatched a devious plan to corrupt the pure hearted Princess and Punish her ex by turning him into a dragon, however fate had other plans she did succeed in her mission but not without getting punished herself by an angered Eclipse Moon who had sealed her
spirit away for a thousand years...

Sadly the evil mare was patient and she waited until the right time to find herself a new body to corrupt and use to take over Equestra.

It did not take her long to find that body, want to know who's? It was Glitter Brightstar's.

No matter what the evil pony did to corrupt Glitter Brightstar, nothing would work not even the "dark water" incident could let her get control of Glitter's body, it was then that Glitter Brightstar herself gave her the name of Nightmare Darkstar and decided to reform her and use the dark magic for good rather than evil, Surprisingly Glitter Brightstar succeeded in befriending the mare and they now work in tandom to help ponies everywhere.

And there you have it, sometimes when Glitter Brightstar gets really mad she calls upon the powers of Nightmare Darkstar and uses it to wipe the floor with her enemies, doing so temporarily turns her into an Alicorn, why temporarily? Well I don't want to be the to blame when all of reality shatters...

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Thank you.

Bonus: Nightmare Darkstar's real name was Sunset "Sparkle" Brightstar which is also Glitter's real name, as stated above her mind and body where separated from one another, her body was reborn as Glitter Brightstar, the hyper,happy go lucky,party loving mare(with no memories of her past life.)while her mind became Nightmare Darkstar.

This is why Glitter Brightstar is much more dangerous than even Empress Flutterscare, if her past memories are ever returned, not even the Elements of Harmony would be able to stop her.

Hopefully that never happens...


Glitter Brightstar:Hi!

Glitter,not here!

Glitter Brightstar:Your no fun*teleports away*

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