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The Legendary View universe · 3:27pm Mar 3rd, 2018

Hello there everyone it's me Polaris Solarmoon and would like to present to you The Legendary View universe, this world is different from the others as it switches both Main Six's destines and their Elements, this is the first ever Mlp au I've made to have this concept so "bear" with me, here are their bios.

Flutterbat /The Angel from the Shadows ( Element of Loyalty): a mare who's both feared and respected by Queen Dreamweaver's Night Guard, she was born a bat-pony so her destiny had changed, her cutie mark is now three pink bats surrounding a shield, which represents her unyielding bravery.( like canon Fluttershy, she too was bullied,not for her shyness but for how she looked.)

Windibow Flash( Element of Generosity): a fashion forward mare who's known for her pretty dresses and kind heart, she's good friends with Flutterbat.

Sunbeam Sparkle( Element of Honesty): a mare who works as a crystal farmer, she is incredibly stubborn and will not back down from a fight.

Shining Gemstone(Element of Magic): a mare who is the personal student of Queen Dreamweaver, she along with her little dragon assistant Opal are well known in Canterlot for there friendly demeanor and caring heart.

Orchid Blossom (Element of Kindness): a shy recluse who takes care of both plants and animals,she's often seen working in the castle gardens.

Joyful Jubilee( Element of Laughter): a young Changeling that loves thowing parties and making ponies happy, she is known The Party Queen.

These are all of the bios for now, but I'll make more soon.

Comments ( 10 )

Who's Joyful Jubilee?


She's Pinkie Pie but in this world she was born a Changeling.

Ps:Queen Chrysalis is good in this world by the way.

Other stuff: Flutterbat otherwise know as The Angel from the Shadows is a pureblood thestral (bat-pony) and is able to stay awake during the day, unlike her canon apple crazed self this Flutterbat normally drinks blood from bloodpacks given to her from the hospital, she sometimes eats normal pony food and on rare occasions meat.

Who's Queen Dreamweaver? Luna?


She is Nightmare Moon but instead of being evil she is a good kindhearted soul, Luna herself however....

Let me guess, she's evil?


Yup, and is Daylight is the good version of Daybreaker.

Ps: Day and night cycles are reversed here.

Hm. Cool!
So, what are Luna's and Celestia's names here?

Queen Dreamweaver: The legendary Queen of Dreams and older sister of Daylight, is kind and motherly as well as kind-hearted.

Princess Daylight: The princess of the Sun and it's power, had to cast a spell on herself so she wouldn't accidentally incinerate someone or something. Is as kind as her sister.

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