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No, I am working on it! I promise! · 11:57pm Mar 2nd, 2018

See! Look:

Here, have a preview:

Twilight Sparkle cast her spell, and the dragon statue in the middle of the fountain glowed with amber light. The marble cracked as Spike returned to the world.

Spike hopped over the fountain and landed on the coblestone walkway as pieces of marble fell from his body.

“It’s about time,” Spike said, looking sourly at Twilight Sparkle. “What took you so long?”

“Blow it out your cloaca, Spike,” Twilight said. “I could have left you there if I wanted to, and no one would have cared.”

“We wouldn’t have to put up with your dumb shitty voice,” Lero said.

“Yeah, nobody likes you,” Rarity said. “You should go out to the desert and live in a cave and not bother anybody.”

“Yeah, fuck off Spike,” Rainbow Dash said.

Spike no longer appeared in this story.

See? Just 5,000 more words of this, and then I can post it and put Cultural Norms on hiatus.

I don't want to write fanfiction right now. There's so much more of Cultural Norms that I want to tell, but I want to work on my own personal stuff for awhile. I hope to come back to this eventually.

I don't know when this chapter will be posted, but I hope it'll be this month. Thank you for your patience.

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Comments ( 3 )

Happy that a new chapter is coming soon.
Sad that the story will be put on hiatus.
Happy that there's a lot more story to tell eventually.

That preview only has me more eager to continue this... but ya can't have everything.

Doing better than I have. Look forward to it.

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