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To all who come to this user page, welcome. I am TheIdiot; Head Author of the Alt-TCB Story SPECTRUM (and the occasional stuff on the side). Feel free to follow me if you so wish.

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    Sledge115: Hello there.

    TheIdiot: And frequent collaborator, VoxAdam.

    VoxAdam: Alea jacta est.

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    The Team:
    As Waxy Gallant

    As Downy Quill.
    I am aware of the irony.

    As Appollo One (aka Single Craft)

    As Resolute Shield

    As Smiling Service

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TheIdiot Regarding: The Last Day of February · 4:50am Mar 1st, 2018

Hello, all! TheIdiot here yet again to give you readers and watchers an update on what's current.

And the obvious is that it's the end of February; my what a short month.

However, if I can guess this correctly, what everyone's itching to hear about is when SPECTRUM's next update is. The answer is just then. I just updated it while you were reading this blog post.

Just got to love chemistry and science...

Anyway, it's taken us some time to get this one just right and balance out the various parts and pieces necessary without killing the pacing. Thankfully, just short of the various things in our lives hitting us from out of nowhere for no reason, we've managed to get it done for your consideration.

I hope you enjoy the latest harvest of our effort,


(P.S. Sigma/Signal boost for Light Despondent Remixed!)

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