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Music SIG Likes #69 :: Abney Park · 3:16am Mar 1st, 2018

More delightfully crunchy steampunk and industrial folk (!) courtesy of all 'round good guy/gal Cynewulf. These guys are pretty much the ur-example of steampunk music and the unofficial "spokesband" of the genre.

It has been nearly 2 years, but thanks for the suggestion!

(0CrimsonAffinity0 - Steampunk 1.0: Pinkie Pie)

Under the Radar

Building Steam

Until the Day You Die


Throw Them Overboard

The Derelict

The Clockyard

Too Far to Turn Back

The Wrong Side

Dear Ophelia


Blowing Off Steam

Follow Me If You Want to Live

Rise Up

Buy the Captain Rum

Dominion of Dust


Mister Overkill

Armour and Flight

Under the Floor, Over the Wall

Feel free to reply and post anything that you enjoy!

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