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Most Recent Death Battle · 1:54am Mar 1st, 2018

My thoughts on the results:

My thoughts on the preview for the next battle:

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Comments ( 13 )

You have to admit, the sheer testosterone of the next fight will make everyone become as beefed as possible.

Hey Shini, are you ever gonna get back to continuing the SPD Emergency crossover that Gilgamesh was summoned to? I don't recall him ever being sent back in the story and Gilgamesh was gonna train PRINCESS HEART in Harmon and summoning more.

I agree with all of this!

.......Now I can't get the first Jojo theme song "Sono Chi No Sadame" out of my head........Either way, this is going to be VERY fun.


I should hopefully get to it within a few months. Lot going on and I need to focus on getting the main story ahead first.

Ok then. Maybe PRINCESS HEART can jump into your story to help Gilgamesh once he leaves Cruger's world out with the war, she's built to be a very versatile powerhouse and I can only imagine how fun things will be once Necrophobe shows up if she's there. Especially once she awakens her Stand and her OSB, USBs. and UOSB.

Gilgamesh meets Cruger after the war is over. Sorry.

Well that's ok then, doesn't mean she can't visit and help out with anything after the war or in case a new one starts up from a new FF villain given how big their universe is and that Gilgy has already run into Ultros from FFVI, Kefka maybe?

I hate that twilight lost but i am looking forward to kenshiro versus jotura

This is one of those episode where I am upset my preferred fighter lost but I can’t argue with reasoning so I accept it. Other examples include. Oath battles with Shadow and the Goku vs Superman battles, great battles but disappointing my preferred fighter lost.

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