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Harry Leferts

Hey, Harry Leferts here from Nova Scotia, Canada. Hopefully you'll enjoy my stories.

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  • 464 weeks
    Hal-Con Update

    So I just got out of the panel hosted by the NSBronies group and I got to admit that it was pretty good. The only downside being how much time that they had been given, though at the end I went up and shook hands with them and talked for a minute or two. Great job guys!

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  • 464 weeks
    A song to go with Celestia's Story Part Four

    A reviewer over on FF.Net pointed out that this song was playing in his head while he was reading the new chapter. After listening to it, I could not help but feel that it really does fit this chapter, but also the war between Celestia and the nobles. I just had to share it.

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    Looking forward to this year's Hal-Con

    Another year, another chance to go to Hal-Con! Hopefully this year though they won't close down early because they fit too many people into the building (this year shouldn't have that problem though, not least because they're using all the levels of the convention center). Personally, I'm hoping to go to the Nova Scotia Bronies meeting and meeting some of them in person. Not to mention getting a

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  • 516 weeks
    Heading to Hal-Con

    So, I'll be heading to Hal-Con this weekend and I am pretty excited as I finally managed to get this weekend off. I want to see the FiM panel especially. I would like to know what other events for FiM might be happening around the Con though. Hopefully I'll be grabbing some nice swag there.

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  • 527 weeks
    Widening the Lens

    Now, people have been asking me about when I am going to post a new chapter of Widening the Lens. Now I am happy to report that I am putting together the new chapter and it should be up in the next two weeks if everything works out as I am hoping. On that bit, we'll be seeing things get a bit closer to the events at Hippocampus being resolved.

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Real Life Can Be Stranger Then Fiction · 2:14am Oct 24th, 2012

No, really it can be. I was looking through the Megathread over on SpaceBattles when I came across something that shocked me. Now, there are very few NGE/MLP crossovers out there.

And then I find that GAINAX might have a few fans for MLP...

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Comments ( 20 )

............. Did I, Did I just honestly see that or did I imagine it.

You saw it alright...

Mouth agape.


...Duh zog did ah jus see???

*Watches again*

...Duh zog did ah jus see???

What the hell did I just witness?

Right now, I'm seeing your Shinji from Shinji's Nightmare piloting a ponified Unit-01 in Equestria and the EoH being used on it for some reason... only for them to fail. Also, I REALLY wish I understood Japanese right now.

Ummmmmmm. What the buck was that?

who wants to bet this was just a spur of the moment for these guys?

Because horses and ponies and unicorns didn't exist before MLP amirite gaiz? :trixieshiftright:

...You're all really silly, you know that right? I still love you all, though.

Still not the strangest thing Japan has ever done...not the stupidist. Stupid is held by School Days ... am sure any anime/hentai watcher can say the strangist one. Am sure as Tarterous not!

Gentle breeze and smiles be i nyour path. :twilightsmile:

444250 Haha horse pun... spur...ha...am sorry :fluttershyouch:

Who wants to bet that Unit-01 transformed into that horse?:facehoof:

I... am confused.:derpyderp2:

Real life strange?

Today I met a man with the same name as a character I created in February.

And just when I thought that strange show couldn't get any stranger......that's Japan for you.

Of course truth is stranger than fiction.
Fiction has to make sense.

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