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The Opposite View Universe · 4:04pm Feb 26th, 2018

This is it my big plan for this year, BEHOLD the Opposite View Universe! This world takes place in an alt timeline where the main six you know are now the mirror opposites of themselves, yeah I know what your saying,"Polaris you've done this already." that is true but neither the Mirrorverse or the Dark Matter Universe actually belong to me both of them were only borrowed for a few stories, this universe has a similar situation to the Mirrorverse where King Sombra rules and Princess Celestia and Luna are evil and the Main Six are just minor thieves, however in my world Twilight Sparkle is now a jester for Dark Empress Celes and her sister Empress Lunar, Rainbow Dash is now very shy but that nature is only a rude to get someponies trust before outright betraying them later, Fluttershy? Well you don't want to know what she became, Applejack is a lazy, rich pony who is known for being both snobby and her lies, Rarity is now a master thief and Pinkie is now a famous doctor who goes about the land helping anypony or creature in need, she is completely emotionless however and wouldn't care if somepony is sad as she doesn't feel such emotions, here are some bios if you want some more info.

Shadowlight Darkspark: only one word can describe this mare, Mad(crazy). She acts as Dark Empress Celes's jester and is a self-proclaimed mad scientist,although her inventions do not work, her cutie mark is similar to Twilight Sparkle's own but the colors are much darker for she has a special talent that involves dark magic.( has a similar personality to Glitter Brightstar but is easier to trick and isn't as aware.)

Crashing Dasher: a lone mare who sides with nopony. Not 'cause she hates 'em but because she cannot be trusted, she works alone, too shy to ever be in direct contact with anypony, however she's incredibly crafty and is a very deceitful mare.( Similar personality to Prism Shine but her "timid nature" is only a ruse.)

Flutter"The Demon" Blackheart: a horrifically cruel and incredibly violent mare who's feared all over Equestria,even the Dark Empress fears her and for good reason, she is an absolute monster, her Stare could literally turn anypony to stone, Nopony has ever been able to find out her real name, rumor has it that she was born this way. ( personality is a mix of both Fluttercruel and Empress Flutterscare.)

Dark Apple: a pony who's infamous for her lies, she is a very snobby mare that dislikes any kind of physical work and prefers to stay inside and laze about.( she's technically Jeweled Apple but worse.)

Raggout: a greedy thief who enjoys playing dirty, not much else is known about her.

Dr. Pinkamina Diane Pie: a world renown medical genus who's praised all over Equestria for her near endless cures, she may not feel any emotions and may speak in a complete monotone but she's the one pony in this world you can trust.

Dark Empress Celes: a horrid mare who had took over all Equestra within a day along side her equally as evil sister Lunar, nopony has been able to usurp them, although one mare might be close...( has a similar personality to Daybreaker.)

Dark Empress Lunar: Celes's sister and co-ruler of Equestria, not much else is known about her.( has a similar personality to Nightmare Moon.)

That's all for now, hopefully nopony runs into any of these ponies..., well except for Dr. Pinkamina, she's okay.

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How about this for the revolution?

Sombra:the benevolent leader of the revolution, treats everyone he comes across with respect, though is still as crafty as his evil counterpart

Trixie:a humble mare who's Sombra's right hand mare


Don't you mean Luminous Pureheart leader of the Pureheart rebellious group and his second in command Lulamoon?

I'll do a second blog about them soon.

Yep, that's exactly what I meant!

Sounds cool!

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