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WE BOUGHT A PUPPY!!!! · 3:46am Feb 24th, 2018


.....But we can't bring her home yet. They were born less than a week ago, so it'll be a couple months. But still....


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Congratulations! :pinkiegasp:
Puppies are a ton of fun, as long as you don't mind helping with the potty training. :rainbowlaugh:

4804191 Yeah.... that's pretty much the one downside. :unsuresweetie: But, the breeders will at least get it started, so hopefully it won't be too bad....

And hey! It's a small dog so, smaller.... messes. :twilightblush: i'll be posting pics often once we bring her home :rainbowkiss:

I don't really see it as much of a downside, more as just a responsibility. But that's just an opinion. :twilightsmile:
I look forward to seeing them! :rainbowkiss:


What breed are they, if I might ask?

4804494 It's called a Morkie, a crossbreed of a Maltese and a Yorkshire Terrier. They're super small and super adorable! :pinkiehappy:

Oh, those dogs are cute! :pinkiehappy:

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