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Summer Dancer

On Wednesdays, we wear PINK!

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    So, Uh, How Bout That Endgame, Huh?

    Ha ha..


    Weeps in a non-spoilery way

    But legit good movie, I'm wounded in the best possible way! :pinkiehappy:

    Careful with spoilers out there...

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    Happy New Year 2019!



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    Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas and Warm Wishes to you and yours! Didja get what you wanted this year? Have a wonderful day, everybody, and let's get ready for the New Year!

    2019 is fast approaching...can you believe it? :rainbowderp:

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    BUT I'M FEELING 22! C'ause it's my Birthday today! :yay:

    I've been waiting sooooo long to play that song on this day

    Whoo! :pinkiehappy:

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    Goodbye, Stan Lee

    You've been an inspiration to us all. A beautiful man who has lead a long, beautiful life. God Bless you, and thank you for sharing your creations with the world.

    And, Happy Veterans Day everyone :heart:

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Answering Tiem! · 3:35am Feb 23rd, 2018

(Artist: jumblehorse)

You asked, I'm answering! :rainbowkiss:

Berry Delight: What's your favorite episode of season 7?

Now that I've seen it all (I think), my favorite would be the Perfect Pear. My goodness, we demanded asked for the Appul parents and we got a whole episode on them! Beautifully written, and just a big feels trip. Top notch, that episode!

Did you see the Psych Movie?

Unfortunately no! :raritydespair: I desperately wish to see it! It's gotten fantastic reviews. I'm constantly on the look out for new showings or the DvD. DvD preferable, because I get to keep it forever :rainbowkiss:

I hear you like Undertale.... who's your favorite character and part? And have you seen the musical?

My favorite character in Undertale is between Toriel and Sans. Toriel because she's the ultimate Mom and super sweet. And Sans because he's obviously hilarious :rainbowlaugh: Spoilers for Untertale And the fact that he's been through so much and that he cares for Frisk and genuinely makes the effort to help, and gets attached to the human on the way!

My favorite part....hmmm, I really like our time with Toriel and lunch with Sans. But my favorite part would have to be meeting the skeleton brothers!
I haven't seen the musical, but I'll be sure to look it up!

What flavor yogurt should be avoided by someone with purple nails in 8,000 degree weather?

Bananas. ALWAYS Bananas.

Those Kids In The Corner: What do you consider as your greatest achievement in life since joining this site?

Online wise, just learning how to write, and meeting such wonderful friends. (You're one of my very first friends here, Kids!) And the fact that people actually like what I write. If I could just make one person smile and feel good, just for a moment, it just makes me feel good.

Offline wise, Graduating, going to College, and making films for enjoyment. I also made a lot of great friends during my time at college as well!

What are your hopes for next season of MLP?

Hmm, I'm hoping that we get more Pinkie episodes (Heh heh). More Big sister little sister moments with Dash and Scoots, perhaps a Celestia episode, more episodes with Starlight and Sunburst (Perhaps a little Trixie in the mix :trixieshiftright:), and especially, we get to see an episode where the mane 5 MEET! It's probably best saved for the last season, though.

Can we wear pink on other days, or just Wednesday?

Sure, just in different shades. Wednesday is the day for Rose Pink! :raritywink:

Violet Rose In The Rain: I know I shouldn't pry, but what happened that you had to take a leave for the better part of a year?

Okay, here it goes. Long story short, one of my family members got into a huge fight with our neighbors. The verbal insults were just the tip of the iceberg. Soon, our emails were being hacked, and we started getting threats. And before I knew it, we had to move because we just weren't safe anymore. For now I'm crashing at someone else's place. It's cooled down as of now, though.

My advice...always check up on your neighbors. They may or may not turn out to be complete and utter psychopaths. :facehoof:

RustyWarhead: QnA? Alright, what's the best thing since sliced bread?

Toast! Especially served with butter and jelly. Mmmmm. :heart:

That was fun, y'all, thanks! And thank you also for your well wishes and prayers. They mean so much to me. I hope you had a good day today. Friday approaches! I might be writing again soon, depends on what I've got going on.

Sleep tight!

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Comments ( 23 )

I think I need to make a Pinkie Pie based character in one of my alt slots in Xenoverse and name her after you.

Eh, maybe not. That'd be weird.

I'll just point out something fun for you to read instead. ^_-

Would you? :raritystarry: And omigosh, Sunset has a gecko! :pinkiegasp:

My favorite character in Undertale is between Toriel and Sans. Toriel because she's the ultimate Mom and super sweet. And Sans because he's obviously hilarious

SAME!!!! And Temmie, of course :pinkiehappy:

Yes, and Temmie! We need to send her to Colleg! :pinkiehappy:

Sorry y'all had to deal with all the stuff with the crazy neighbors. Hope everything ends well. :heart:

You go girl, getting your college on. All the knowledge. What kind of films have you made?
As for your ex-neighbor, that really sucks. Being uprooted from your own home because your no longer safe, when the home is the very place you should feel safe. Throughout my life we've never even introduced ourselves to our neighbors, which we've had a great many at this point. Who knows what kind of people we've been living next to.

Edit: Hold on, there was a Psych movie? Whaaaat?

Thank you :twilightsmile:
Yeah, it's been hard, but there's new beginnings too. Thanks :pinkiesmile: And yup, there's a movie! I think it's Christmas themed too!

Thanks. And oh, let me clarify heh :twilightblush:

You know how when Twilight first came to Ponyville, the mane 5 already knew each other? I'd like to see an episode that shows when they all first met.

Yeah, exactly!
You're welcome! :twilightsmile:

Good undertale choices! Also, did you get the collector edition?

Once you finally finish your Starlight story, do you plan on doing any stories about undertale. Like a crossover or rewrite?

Nope, I haven't actually bought it, but I watch people on Youtube play it. I want it though, because I want the full experience!
Maybe! I've done one story on undertale, and I might do another if I'm up for it

If you get the collectors edition you get a gold heart locket that plays music.

Really!? Oh my gosh, yes!!!

I know!! The collectors edition can also be bought for a console.

I hate to ask but are you almost back, I am not rushing, I just am hoping for a update to your starlight story soon.

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