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Three Nights in Manehattan Hardcopy - Available for Sale! · 1:15am Feb 23rd, 2018

The Pirene-related story Three Nights in Manehattan now has a hardcopy on Lulu, available for print on demand orders!

Take a look at this handsome thing:

I'm seriously proud to have this, and grateful to everyone who put in their hard word and effort to help me bring it to market.

Comments ( 15 )

Yay, mission accomplished!

Awesome! Ordered a copy.

Beautiful cover! :pinkiehappy:

Sigh. I guess I'll be ordering this soon, though I'll be waiting for one of those awesome Lulu discounts. And unlike The Well of Pirene, I think I'll wait to read it physical book form. I can't wait!

That's one great looking book. I'll have to check out the fic.

This looks awesome!

Author Interviewer

Damn, that looks pretty. :B

This, pretty much. Whenever there's a book I want need, I just check their facebook every three or so days until there's a free shipping one. The only Lulu book I've ever paid shipping for was Pirene, on cheaper books even -30% is still a worse deal than free shipping for me (context: shipping is $10-ish to here).
Physical copies are awesome.

So yeah, instant buy whenever their next free shipping is.

it turned out so sleek :raritystarry:

Nice book! What do you use to typeset the pdf?

I used Adobe InDesign 2015. I don't actually know of many other programs with similar functionality or utility outside of the InDesign software, sadly, if you were looking for replicable results (that aren't expensive).

Message me if you have any other questions or want to know more.

Fonts used were Miller roman and italic, several weights of Plantin, and some Davys dingbats.

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