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    The Key Is a Lie: Godrick the Golden and the Search for Endless Prawn

    Greetings, gentle viewers and listeners! :moustache:

    This Sunday, Godrick will continue his explorations of the... swamp? ...of Liurnia. :rainbowderp:

    There is a lot on his plate now. The academy, the key, the thing below his castle... :facehoof:

    But first, he has to be strong enough. :rainbowdetermined2:

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    Semi-Random Thoughts

    So, what if Equestria Girls was an isekai? Or, I guess, a kind of reverse isekai, since the pony would die and find herself as a human.

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    Raiders of the Lost Turtle and the Sorceress Sellen

    Greetings, gentle viewers and listeners! :coolphoto:

    It is time to locate the Talisman of Turtles Or Whatever. :moustache:

    I don't know exactly where it is; it's been a long time, and in my previous life I was only distantly interested in such matters. But I do know that it's secreted in a set of ruins, somewhere south of my castle. :rainbowdetermined2:

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    Chapters Divide Like Single-Celled Organisms.

    It just keeps happening. :facehoof:

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    So, this Sunday, in response to recent US Supreme Court madness, there will be a period of catharsis. :rainbowwild:

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Elsequestria · 3:20am Feb 21st, 2018

Upon consideration, I have changed the name of the story currently in progress from Equestria Women to Equestria Mares, since it takes place in my almost-canon MLP:FiM universe.

Chapter Two should be up soon, and we will be careening wildly away from the EG timeline at that point. How far away, you ask? Well...

Let's just say that in addition to my fascination with the character of Sunset Shimmer, I'm also inspired by the old Doctor Strange comics I used to read. Like, silver age Doctor Strange.

(I am ancient and mighty. Fear me. :moustache:)

Anyway. I'm not certain how many chapters there will be in this tale, all told (at least six). But I have the story itself mapped out, and it's canon with The Apple Jamboree, as well as my other Elsequestria stories yet to be written.

I hope folks enjoy reading them. Writing them is a blast. :twilightsmile:

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