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    Alicorn's and their powers.

    Hello fillies and gentlecolts.

    As inspiration for a new fic I might be writing. I wanted to understand a few things and get readers thoughts about a topic.

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Alicorn's and their powers. · 7:05pm Feb 18th, 2018

Hello fillies and gentlecolts.

As inspiration for a new fic I might be writing. I wanted to understand a few things and get readers thoughts about a topic.

It is under the assumption that Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were born Alicorns, however when flurry heart is born an Alicorn, both Celestia and Luna appear in shock and state 'This is something that equestia has never seen.' and 'It is beyond even our knowledge.' (Because they have lived for a long time.) This seems to create the impression that they were not born alicorns, nor have they seen them been born. Further dwelled on, When Celestia talks to Twilight as she is being accended she seems calm and understanding, as though this had happened to her, herself. Faust stated that luna and celestia did indeed have parents and if they were alicorns then surley they would have told celestia and luna about their alicorn briths and heritage. But Celestia and lunas reaction seems to dictate otherwise, creating the theory that their parents were most likely unicorns and they ascended.

However lunas journal found in the castle of the two sisters seems to state that luna and celestia had been around alicorns while they were young. So this creates a theory that either their parents were alicorns or that alicorns were more common than they are now. (But if they are immortal, why are they not here anymore?) Celestia and luna are immortal and they still are.

It also creates a complexity reguarding an alicorns life span and powers. For the fact that Celestia and lunas manes float, while candances and twilights don't. However cadence and twilight are noticeably a lot smaller than celestia and luna, leading me to believe that is it because they are thousands of years old and they have connected their magic and power to the earth as they control an important aspect, I.e the sun and the moon. When luna was banished and sent to the moon she lost her connection and was drained of power, which caused her mane to stop floating. (Credited by Faust.) So this seems to further implement the idea that their connection to an important magical element causes this ability. Also worth noting that Celestia and Lunas manes stop floating when Twilight takes their powers to hide them from tirek. (As she essentially takes over their abilitys to control that magical element.) Further pushing the idea that it is a connection to a magical element that causes this power and ability.

Another point I want to explore is the length of an alicorns life span. Luna and celestia are know for being over thousands of years old and alicorns have been noted by many aspects of the show, comics and card games as being immortal. So Cadacne and twilight should be immortal as well right? Well Mccarthy was asked "As an alicorn, will Twilight be immortal and forced to outlive all of her friends?" and answered "Twilight will not outlive her friends". Which creates this idea that twilight is going to grow like normal. Which makes me believe maybe it's because celestia and luna were born alicorns that they are immortal and because twilight accended, she will not be.

However cadacne appears to have been alive long enough to know about the tirek incident and it is stated in a comic, that cadence had indeed ascended. Which creates a complex. Cadance ascended but has also appeared to have lived a long time, and Celestias and lunas reaction to flurry heart, means we can assume that alicorns can not be born, and or they have never seen one born. Which means they can only ascend.

So theoretically Twilight should live a long time regardless of being ascended or born, which contradicts Mccarthy's statement, unless he implies that due to the elements of harmony, the mane six are all going to live for a long time. If alicorns were all born then there should be a lot more of them considering that they are immortal and all. However none are ever seen apart from the four that we know. Celestia seems to have deity like powers which creates the idea that she is a god and therefore is immortal and cannot age.

My theory is that at one point alicorns were born, but as years passed and threats diminished their powers weakened because they were not needed anymore, causing them to spilt up into the three separate races. Unicorn, pegasi and earth pony. However due to the imbalance of the world and the discord of harmony they were still needed to protect it in a sense. So the old alicorns transferred their powers to those that they deemed worthy, like luna and celestia. These two have managed to protect the world with their powers cauing them to be the only surviving alicorns because of this. Their increased stature and flowing manes could be due to their age and maturity or because they are connected the the earth via a magical connection. (The Sun and moon.) And twilight and cadence have yet to tap into the ability. We know that cadence appears to have a connection to love but does not have a flowing mane. Is this because she is young? As she is clearly smaller than either celestia or luna. Twilight appeared to have accended while fighting tirek (Becoming the princess of friendship.) but still she lacks a floating mane. Is this again because of her age as she is even smaller than cadence? It is shown that cadence has aged as she appears younger looking in the memoires of twilight as a foal. But apparently she is old enough to remember tirek? This could be passed off as being told about him rather than actually fighting him however Tirek (despite being trapped in taturas, where he would have not spoken to anyone that could tell him about cadence.) appears to know of her existence. Creating the idea that they did indeed fight each other.

If that is the case, where was she during discord? the crystal empire? nightmare moon? She could of easily been out of the picture when all of this went down to be honest. As she appeared to not be apart of the elements when Celestia and luna wielded them. (Proven by the fact that her cuite mark is not on the elements of harmony tree.)

So my theory is that Celestia and Luna were not born alicorns but rather that they ascended and that their flowing manes are result of their magical connection to the world. (The Sun And The Moon.) And that their height is due to their age and maturity. Cadance and Twilight, despite have figured out their purpose (Love and Friendship.) are very young alicorns and therefore have not grown into their full potential yet, causing the lack of floating manes. Twilight and cadence will both live long lives like celestia and luna due to the fact that they are all ascended alicorns and there should be no reason as to why they wouldn't live as long. So either mcarthy's implying that because of the elements of harmony the mane six are going to live just as long despite not being alicorns. (Which is plausible.) or he's lying to protect innocent girls from being told that twilights going to have to watch all of her friends die.

I personally think that both options make perfect sense due to the fact that the mane six have been engraved onto the tree of harmony as well as luna and celestia, who found them. But my personal preference is that because the mane six (baring twilight.) are not alicorns they will not survive as handing out immortality seems like a really wreckless thing to do.

But what are your thoughts? I'd like to know before trying to start a fanfiction because regardless of alternative universe or not I like to try and stick to as much of the lore as I can and I'm honestly truly interested in the alicorn history.

Kind Regards


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Um just to let you know, Mcarthy is a female. Her name is Megan Mcarthy

Apologies good sir. XD I've only seen the last name a few times so I just assumed.



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