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Forgotten Friendship (spoilers) · 3:43am Feb 18th, 2018

Ever since I read A Friendship to Remember, I've been curious to see how the story would be adapted to animation. I admired the expansion of the lore and the world building. Needless to say, I'm happy to see the franchise get its obligatory beach episode. More Trixie never hurts either. The magical threat this time around was definitely the most insidious to date, even if just one step away from the mind control of the first two movies. Just seeing poor Sunset motion her human hands like hooves was heartbreaking.

With Equestrian magic leaking into the human world, it kinda makes sense that the Jumped-Up-Nobody-of-the-Week becomes the new formula:

(1) Seemingly insignificant person gets a hold of magical item.
(2) Said person uses item to wreak havoc (monstrous transformation optional).
(3) The Girls show up and thwart the offender who is then given a snapshot redemption.

I would not mind that last bit if the antagonist actually had to work toward her redemption like Sunset did.

Wallflower, while someone plenty of folks can easily relate to, strikes me as the least competent EqG antagonist to date. Even after figuring out what the Memory Stone did and how to operate it, she was only compounding her existing problem by using it to erase ALL of her social interactions - effectively erasing HERSELF - from her classmates' memories.

The Girls really need an enemy that cannot be Rainbow Blasted into oblivion. Personally, I'd like to see them deal with people who are fearful of magic. Even with the level of acceptance they enjoy at Canterlot High, I doubt everybody in their world feels 100% comfortable with the existence of magically-powered teenage girls.

Overall, Forgotten Friendship was fun, but Rainbow Rocks still remains my favorite, followed by Friendship Games.

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