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How are you celebrating the day with you're waifu? · 7:02pm February 14th

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Well you wouldn’t believe it or you would i messed up valentines day with my gf unintentionally of course I wouldn’t be surprised if she broke up with me I deserve it ah i need to stop being depressed and crap I’m spending mines alone kinda I don’t know what I’m saying anymore

Uuuuuhh idk

we didn't really talk abt it WOOPS

My fiancée has work, so we'll buy a bunch of on sale Valentines candy together tomorrow. :moustache:

Well, I'm celebrating my birthday with my family so... that's a thing.

My waifu doesn’t have a plushie. :applejackunsure:

Site Owner


I'm practicing my stretches.


I don't have a waifu, I have a life-u. :trollestia:

You have an Xbox one?! Add me dude!

That's a damn cute Fluttershy.

4796626 4796642
Clearly Knighty's trying to tell us that he is the Fluttershy plushie.

**actually maybe it's "thine". Dammit I messed up my own joke
***Also my waifu is too busy farming rocks


Hope you have a good day, Knighty :)

In the magical world of my imagination, its not bad actually. Hey king kong i'll have another coconut while me and pink enjoy the beachside sunset.

I'm single and ready to mingle

what waifu

My waifu and I are doing great! Aren’t we honey? :ajsmug:

Right Hand: Yep! :trollestia:

I am waifu? Thanks! You’re waifu too!

Hi. I'm Marcbot2004.
A: are you the site owner?
B: Happy Valentines day.
C: Only 13, no waifu(yet).
D: I'm rambaling.
E: do you have an Xbox one?

Same way I spent it last year. Make surf 'n turf for myself, watch a movie, and drink a bottle of wine.

Just me, the dogs, and a bottle of Hibiki.


knighty plz

I hadn't noticed that is was valentines day until it ended.

Wish I did the same. (Shy's also my waifu.)

Site Owner

It's intentional!

After Valentine's day sale on chocolate and binge watching cat videos because it's fun.

I'm lonely on Valentine's Day. :raritycry: I know people may be sick of me saying this over and over again, but I just want someone to love! :heart:

I don't care who I date; I will love them with my heart* :raritydespair:

*I'm bisexual, but hopefully that doesn't change anything. DON'T JUDGE ME! :twilightangry2:

Transdeminsional scrying on my waifu's end. :p

I never knew this blog existed!

You mean Best Pony.

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