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Tell me, what do you live for? Is it for work? For study? Or is it for the important things? Pleasure, art, friends, family, love? Do you live to work? Or do you work to live?

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And I failed! · 8:21pm Feb 12th, 2018

My life has this thing that it likes to do where, whenever I have plans to do something or be productive it likes to throw random things at me that obliterate those plans.

For example, last night, as I'm about to write the chapter (which I do have at least planned now, btw, so there was SOME progress at least):
1 - My roommate pushed me into binging the entirety of FLCL in one go. (Let's just say that's not a good show to watch tired. Thinking becomes difficult.)
2 - FLCL was then interrupted by a high energy ex-girlfriend I haven't seen in years video calling me. We chatted about doing some physical stuff (because she was horny, and because I was lonely and stupid), and she begged me to go visit her in Las Vegas this weekend.

Needless to say, between those two things, my brain took a spiral down Think-not Lane. So now I'm reeling from trying to understand FLCL's plot, while at the same time reeling from trying to figure out how to tell my ex that my visiting would be a BAAAAAAD idea.

Oh life.

Anyway, I'm still committed to writing that chapter ASAP. Expect it soon!

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Comments ( 6 )

Tell her that the tests came back and you shouldn't see anyone until the rash clears up.

Good luck with that.

A very, very weird anime. You seriously need to watch it for yourself, because I don't think there's a way to describe the plot into any fashion that doesn't make the explainer look completely mental.

Depends on why they're an ex, honestly. Some of my exes I'd be down for that, because we split on good terms.

I'm on good terms with all but one of my ex's, though that was her choice. Regardless, a fling in Vegas would be very bad for me for many reasons, even if it is with a really good friend.

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