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I am a Youtuber I have a Twitter @1DoctorPony I have lots story's to tell and I want to write some stuff for you all to enjoy

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  • 24 weeks
    1 year of Fimfiction

    So I'm late for this, but I would like to say that I might have forgotten that Halloween was that day but anyway, one year of fimfiction that's a long time. I know that I myself have bad writing but the most important thing behind that is that I want to get the stories that I'm trying to tell to be told in the best possible way I can, I'm only one person. Recently I've been using Fanfiction a

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  • 37 weeks
    Making a new story

    Hey eveyone I would like to announce that I will also lucifer story a sneek peek in the new story I have for you all

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  • 38 weeks
    It's my birthday

    Today is my birthday and by the time your reading this it is probably August 1st or reading this in the future.

    Today is special day and I will do a stream on Twitch and on YouTube please go to



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  • 46 weeks
    Live Right Now On Youtube

    Come Join the Livestream on Youtube DoctorPony

    See you there


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  • 46 weeks
    The Flash Season Friendship Writing Stream Tomorrow

    Come to my Youtube Channel DoctorPony Tomorrow To watch me write the long-awaited chapter of season friendship. I haven't been writing chapters on it ever since January but I have come up with an idea of a villain that will make it hard on earth and Equestria

    Hope To See You All There


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Where's the Flash story? · 4:53am Feb 12th, 2018

I know you maybe asking where's the flash story? Well I will be taking my time with this one because I want it for be good as possible and I thank all of you for your support because reading your comments make me happy.

Thank you for understanding.


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