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Personal vs Impersonal Blogs; Or, A Guide to All 13 Skulls in Halo 3 · 5:06pm Feb 11th, 2018

I wish to be many things.

An exciting author who releases compelling blogs is one of them. On this site, there a two type of blogs: personal and impersonal.

A good blogger walks a fine line between the two.

The goal of my blogs is to leave behind traces of who I am, who I once was, and who I hope to be someday. Some are ideas I hope to explore, for I do not know what I think about things until I have written about them. Blogs are like my journal, but the issue is, I'm not the only one reading them at the end of the day.

Recently, I found a video from my childhood. It's the one linked above.

That video is not interesting you. The music may be catching, the gameplay may spark some memories, but it will never have the same magic on you as it does for me. So, in writing about it, I preserve a cherished memory, but I have bored you with some meaningless tidbit from my past.

I fear boring others; it gives a greater chance for them to dislike me.

So, we shouldn't blog about ourselves then, right? Posting theories and reviews, knowledge and application, drama and polticis—all of which stand a chance at entertaining the reader, with bits of yourself emerging through the prose. Indeed, not a wrong way to go about blogging, but it still feels you're missing a broad aspect of making blogs compelling yet personal.

I went to take a shower.

While doing so, I decided to play the songs from the aforementioned video from my phone, and I found my answer to the following question in the comments. They were littered with people who'd seen the video ten years back, each of which overjoyed to find others in this small and strange situation, all regaling tales on when first saw the video and how it influenced them.

How weird is that? I do not know these people, I will never come to talk to these people, and yet, we all share the same situation with similarities of a time long past. To some extent, we all share the same depth, and the video has impacted us all in some way.

There are lessons, ideas, and relatability to be found in the personal. Concepts to be explored and tales of developed to be regaled. Blogs do not have a sharp distinction between personal and impersonal—those essays can be sparked from what once was in our lives.

I know this blog has been meandering and half-assed, but I hope you take the core of this idea away. What is deeply personal to us can be uninteresting to others, and thus, we hold back from posting things for fear of creating boredom. But by looking deeper into our memories, by analyzing the feelings and sensations that compiles us back to them again and again, maybe we can find a universal idea willing to be explored, backed by the sincerity of nostalgia.

If the readers of my blog feel changed by the end of a blog, something new in their heads or a feeling evoked, I consider them a great success. It doesn't matter if it's an iota of change, if they'll forget the point later that afternoon—as long as they felt as though it was worth the read, then it means my blog was a success in its personal goal of preserve a part of myself, and of being of interest of anyone else.

I'm going to take a hot shower now.

I'm sure you all know how good those feel.

~ B_25 ~

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b is this your new diary

I am intrigued and interested.
That's it...you can stop reading this comment now...

We are unique.

We are a collection of relatible experiences that many other people on our planet share. In an attempt to be unique, we make ourselves more relatible. By exposing ourselves, our influences, even decision processes... We give ourselves to our medium.

The fear is not how much of ourselves do we give to the media we create. It's how much do we give until the media owns us?

We are all the same.

Thank you for this.

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