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Beginner's Guide To Perversion · 10:33am Feb 6th, 2018


Dear FimFiction~

You are a wonderful place, full of friendship, rainbows and magic, with tens of thousands of stories which just take you away in infinite variety of directions you can imagine.

All things have two sides, however. And even a place as artistic like FimFiction, it too has the darker side.

There is a nice side, filled with novels that just throw you into a swirl of fantasy and don’t ever let you go, even after you've reached the end, making you beg for a sequel.

And then there is the dark side, which either spice up your romance novels with the more explicit parts, or keep you on edge in epic battles with the level of violence.

And then there is this side.

A pitch. Black. Spot. At the dark side of this double-sided coin that is FimFiction. Full of sin, violence and perversion of the worst kind imaginable that only depraved mind can handle.

So let me welcome you in our little community!

I am of course talking about...

——––––--------#FETISH PORN#--------––––——

What is a fetish?

Synonym of a word fetish is word ‘fixation’. Fetish means that a person has extreme obsession for a thing, be it object, body part, clothing, or activity. There are of course non-sexual fetishes, but then there are the sexual fetishes. And this is what I am talking about.

If you are familiar with furry porn, don’t worry! This community isn’t worse than that, we are just as bad.

But before I let you loose, there are several rules that I would like to mention which are necessary in the world of perversion, or at the very least, in our community here on FimFiction:

  • Rule #1: Whatever gets you going, it is your own business nobody else’s
    - There are lot of people who are into lot of different stuff. People like the same stuff you are into, and people hate the stuff you are into. But the same as they have no business judging you by your fetishes, the same YOU have no right to judge others!
    - It is okay for you to question the morality of the fetish and the fetish itself, but RESPECT other people’s taste in NSFW content.
  • Rule #2: Don’t hate a clop story because of a fetish
    - No matter how unbelievable it seems, there will ALWAYS be some group of people who are into that, and so no matter what, you have to restrain yourself from hating a story that features a fetish which you explicitly hate.
    - This is because if you push a dislike button on a genuinely great story with a smidgen of fetish you hate, it leads to people like you, setting the rating bar of the story down easily. Which means that people who like the fetish you hate, have a harder time to distinguish good story from a bad story. I know it is painful, but you have to RESPECT other’s choice in NSFW content.
    - So instead of hitting dislike, just close your eyes, take few deep breaths, and sloooowly walk away. And then pour bleach into your eyes.
  • Rule #3: Always have a steady supply of brain bleach nearby
    - Any time you think you have seen the worst fetish porn can offer, you are WRONG.

So, what am I actually about to do?

Since I consider myself experienced enough in this department, I have decided to share my findings with all of you!

For newbies in our little perverted community, I would like to grand you the knowledge of all of the fetishes. Mainly, what they are actually about and what they contain, because you do not want to get mentally scarred just because you clicked on something you didn't know what it meant.

For writers, I wish to bring attention to some fetishes which are painfully rare as a focus in a story. I would like to grant you inspiration for them and mainly the opportunity some of these fetishes presents. Making a name for yourself by writing clopfic with fetish that isn't featured anywhere else should be worthwhile of your attention after all.

For anyone else, I'll try to come up with a reason for you to consider such fetish. Everyone has different tastes in NSFW content, so if you really don't care about the fetish, there is no point in trying to convince you. I'll just layout the pros and cons so you yourself can sentence it.

And for myself? I want to understand why people think some of the most disgusting fetishes are hot. Take it as a morbid curiosity... except Scat, that one I don't want to understand.

I will write in a short description what the fetish is about and what it contains, accompanied by a nice SFW image and perhaps even try and explain the mechanics behind the fetish, so you could understand it.

Then I’ll put in how the fetish fares on FimFiction. I’ll show what Tags work for finding clop with such fetish, and even groups that explicitly focus at this kind of clop, or at least has a folder for them. If I can, I’ll point out an Author who likes to focus at this specific fetish too.

At last I’ll try to also give my thoughts on the fetish. Wherever I am into it, if there should be more of it, or if I would rather walk away and drown myself in brain bleach.

After the main fetish, I’ll sometimes also include a ‘sub-fetish’ that I paired with the main one. Just a little thing that I am not sure is even considered as a fetish alone.

Along the way, I’ll try to keep an objective mind. Don't be afraid to criticize me if I go way out of my way to shit on a fetish or to praise one too much. I am glad for any kind of feedback, since that only encourage me to become even more powerful as a writer!

Right off the bat, a story that I myself consider a king of all fetishes, is the (in)famously known
'Given Shape' written by 'Damaged'.

[Adult story embed hidden]

It's a clop story with plot, with every act targeted at one specific fetish and some different plot along the way. The fetishes aren't extreme, but sure as hell are one of the weirdest, like: parasite/symbionte, goo ponies, mind control, and on and on.

You can read it, if you want to get a good idea what you are getting into by joining this little community of perverts. It has a decent plot and is heavily targeted at clop, though, in my opinion it lacks the quality in both. But it sure makes up to it with the quantity and variety in both pony porn and story plot.

Anyway, let me formally introduce you to my piece of art:

Beginner's Guide To Perversion

Fetishes that aren’t much of an unusual activity, but lots of people still do enjoy and prefer these as a clop. They are also easily pairable with any other fetish.

  1. Masturbation
  2. Toy Masturbation + Hoofing
  3. Water Masturbation
  4. Magic Fetish + Portals
  5. Hornplay
  6. Machines
  7. Prop Fetish
  8. Unusual Penetrations
  9. Autofellatio & Autocunilingus
  10. Monster Mares
  11. Anthro + Unguligrade, Semi, Humanized
  12. Exhibitionism & Voyeurism
  13. Pregnancy

Fetishes that are in one way or another nasty. Be it immoral or disgusting.

  1. Foodplay
  2. Plushophilia + Agalmatophilia
  3. Hands
  4. Selfcest
  5. Incest
  6. Tentacles
  7. Foalcon 1/2
  8. Foalcon 2/2
  9. Fat
  10. Expansion & Inflation
  11. Micro & Macro
  12. Bestiality
  13. Watersports

Fetishes that are violent in nature, or have fatal or permanent consequences.

  1. Asphyxiation
  2. Egg Implantation
  3. BDSM
  4. Vore 1/3
  5. Vore 2/3
  6. Vore 3/3
  7. Necrophilia

All sorted by the least disturbing fetish(1) to the most(20). Both in terms of morality and nastiness.
- You can post your suggestions of the order in the comments, this is sorted from my point of view.

Currently planned next
Currently writing - will be done within two weeks
× Planned re-write


Beginner's Guide To Perversion Description:

  • Tag: #Applejack, Applecest (#NSFW)
    - 'Tag:' - Used tag with an url link
    - '#NSFW' - short for '#sex #mature' tags. Used if necessary to filter out huge amount of non-mature content.
  • 20 stories
    - Total amount of found stories by the tag
  • 3 exceptionally rated stories
    - Stories with more than 350 likes and more than 80% rating. (••••••••••)
  • 2 non-related stories
    - Either stories tagged non-Mature, or stories not related to fetish.
  • 5 badly rated stories
    - Stories still related, but with less than 60% rating. (••••••••••)
  • ~10 stories in between
    - Stories that are neither bad nor excellent
    - '~' - Symbol for rough estimation if there is way too many stories to go through
  • (••••••) 80%
    - • - Graphic vizualisation of the found stories more or less by percentage.
    - (•••••••••••••••) <1000s
    - (••••••••••) <500s
    - (•••••••) <100s
    - (••••) <50s
    - (•••) <10s
    - 100% - Percentage of exceptionally and in between stories, against bad and non-related stories
    - 80%
    - 50%
    - 20%
    - 0%
    - At the end of every thread is a link back to this blog.


The knowledge of all of the fetishes lays within your grasp, it fills you with

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Twenty years from now you'll look back and say "ah, so that's how I got into anthro robot selfcest oviposition".

Twenty years from now I'll be fourty dude, I'll have my own real anthro robot selfcest oviposition machine!

Did you delete the original two threads?

Yup. Sorry, I forgot to tell.

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Ye, consider me ded. RIP.

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