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    Blog Post #76-16062021: Toys and Stuff Blog

    Since I don't post much on this blog and I usually only use it to show off some videos I found on Youtube or just announce my latest story updates, I decided put to a better use and show off my toys, books and other stuff I lying around. I'll show off some of the pony stuff I collected over the years.

    Stay tuned for more updates and see what I have for my first stuff post.

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    Blog Post #75-10062021: Rated A for Awesome Looking

    Oh, and some some guy named Mark is Skeletor. Hopefully, everyone will like this series.

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  • 22 weeks
    Blog Post #74-18052021: The Big Man Chapter 10 is on the way + Something Extra

    Just letting you guys now that the tenth chapter of The Big Man is finished. It just needs to be ironed out and checked for errors, so stay tuned for the next update.

    Also, I decided to make a one-shot Spin Off of When I Say Goodbye called Letting Love Go, with Applebloom being the central character. Stay tuned for that, too.

    Peace out!!

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    Blog Post #73-11032021: The Nostalgia is Strong With This One

    Can't wait to play this one. Day one get...whenever that date comes.

    Turtle Power!

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    Blog Post #72-28012021: Final Chapter of When I Say Goodbye Incoming

    Just finished the epilogue of When I Say Goodbye and it will be up after my editors get a look at it. I'm just glad that I was able to see this story through and hopefully, you'll like what I turned out.

    After this, I'm going to see what I can do with The Big Man.

    Peace out and goodnight everybody.

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Blog Post #61-03022018: Apologies and a Preview · 3:38am Feb 4th, 2018

First off, I'd like to apologize to those who are waiting for an update on either of my fics. Just to let you know that I'm still writing on When I Say Goodbye and when I'm finished with that, I'll start writing on the next chapter of The Big Man.

In the meantime, here's a preview of the latest chapter of The Big Man.

As soon as I stepped inside the house, my butler had informed me that my son had come home crying, locking himself in his room. My butler had assumed that little Albert had a terrible day at school, which I couldn't believe had happened. Albert was so confident that morning and he promised me that he would make the Blueblood name proud. Yes, Canterlot Memorial Grade School can be compared to untamed jungle where you have assert yourself as the big man and never let anyone forget it. If not the big man, than a loyal follower to the big man. Either one would have been preferable. My son promised me that he had everything under control.

When I opened the door to his room, I saw Albert in a now tattered school uniform. He ran to me and bawled, pleading forgiveness for not keeping his promise to me. He hugged me as tight as he could, crying over my shoulder as he told me about his day. It would seem that sons of many of my business rivals had formed a clique and had assumed their authority of the school yard and decided to disgrace my boy in front of the other students. My son went into the jungle with confidence and a smile...unarmed.

After Albert had stopped crying, I assured him that there was always tomorrow. That one day he will make the Blueblood name proud.

I also reminded him to never disappoint me again.

Edmund Blueblood
The Canterlot Families

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Can't wait for the next chapter of The Big Man.

Blueblood giving a sob story like that. Not surprising.

Huh, interesting. So even smarmy hitter/quitters have tragic backstories. It's not so much that he's an asshole for no reason, but that he's a product of his own environment. No wonder he feels so threatened by Spike.

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