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I'm an aspiring cartoonist and writer.

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  • 113 weeks
    About The Equestria hat Never Was and my current project.

    So as you can tell, I haven't really made anything based on "The Equestria That Never Was" in some time now. I can assure you I have no desire to cancel it, but I feel like I will be making more one-shots around the story when I eventually get back to it.

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  • 186 weeks
    What I'm currently working on

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  • 189 weeks
    I now have twitter

    I now have a Twitter account if you want to keep up with me there. You can find it here.

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  • 190 weeks
    What I'm currently working on

    I once again apologize for not having anything written lately. I've become the PR for a studio that's working on having an anime on Netflix.

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  • 191 weeks
    Writer’s block

    Sorry to say, I’m having trouble writing the next chapter of The Equestria that never was. I’m not quitting the story and I know how I want it to go, but I’m just having a little trouble with this chapter. I promise to have it out when I can. Sorry.

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Editing older chapters. · 7:08pm Feb 3rd, 2018

While I'm getting the next chapter of The Equestria That Never Was done, I decided to edit some of my older chapters. The ones with chapter numbers on them have currently been edited. I'm not saying they're perfect now, I'm just saying I decided to take what I have learned from writing and show anyone that's interested in seeing the chapters improved. I also didn't drastically retcon anything or anything, I figured I would edit it and move forward with the stories I have planned. Hope you enjoy and I hope to have a new chapter sometime today out.

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