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Black Lives Matter. To be "neutral" is to be in support of this hatred.

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Equine Fall · 5:05pm Feb 3rd, 2018

Welp, the new chapter of Equine Fall just went live. It feels good to publish something on here again... it has been a while.

I have been trying my hardest to stick to my promise, and actually, a lot of work has been done behind the scenes. I've been slowly going through and editing the original story to better suit the storyline I wanted, and the rest of the story has been planned out, chapter by chapter, in detail.

Hopefully, I will be able to keep this pace up, and deliver a new chapter at least once a month, if not more. With that rate, perhaps Equine Fall might just be finished by 2019...

But let's not get our hopes up... school is a bitch.

Brohoof /)

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Comments ( 1 )

Excellent news! I'm looking forward to this story getting finished. It's been in my 'Read It Later' library for... a while. I hope you finish it, that way I can read it all without having to wait in between chapters or worry about it not getting finished like every story in my 'Tracking' library.

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